Watermelon Wednesday: Biohazard

Watermelon Wednesday

Today’s item spotlight I’ve had for a couple of weeks now & have been quite enjoying it. It might not be considered a fashion accessory by traditional standards, but it definitely is one while you’re enjoying an occasional canned beverage. I ordered this particular cozy from Amazon & the lovely vendor was quick to send it my way. It’s actually quite soft & quickly molds to my grip (as well as keeping my finger dry & warm, along side keeping the can cold). The sturdy construction could, no doubt, handle the washing machine, though I think I’ll set it out to dry when the time comes. I also like that it’s an interesting conversation piece, but I will have to keep it away from one of my little sisters, as she’s likely to claim it, lol.

WW31Hardest Part About Zombie Apocalypse – Drink Insulator ($5.99)

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Short Respite

Well, not really, I won’t have time to update my blog for a week or two as we finish the remodel of the back room. I just can’t find time to write post with a full time job & putting in full time like hours on finishing up the room. That sort of thing happens sometimes when you’re too cheap to hire pros to do it, LOL. Don’t worry, I will be back & it will be soon. In the meantime I will still be reading blogs & trying to keep up with social stuff hope you have a great couple of weeks! ❤

Keeping Up the Pace

Every day seems so hectic as I research & prepare my for each week of posts, in addition to my daily & weekly promotion of my boutique. Not only do I have to write each post but then I fill endless hours with trying to attract new readers across social platforms, while keeping an eye open for other methods. I am rather pleasantly surprised I have managed to stay on top of my schedule.

In order to maintain this pace I have to prioritize my daily goals & organize them into a daily to-do list. While this strategy may seem a little rigid it’s actually quite flexible as each moment of my day is not strictly regulated, so as things come up the flow of my day is not disrupted. Accomplishing the highest priority items on the list are where my energies are focused into first.

Meditation is a must to keep my mind sharp & centered on the task at hand. I spend 20 minutes a day at this, 10 shortly after I wake & another 10 about midday. I try not to meditate too close to sleepy time as it can increase the instances of insomnia by its restful & almost nap-like features & I have enough trouble with that on my own. lol

When things decide to spiral out of control for a day the most important thing of all is to not panic. Nothing ever gets better while I freak out, so it’s best to remain calm, no matter what life has chosen to throw at me at the moment. Sometimes you just have to let the day flow the way it wants to rather than force your own will onto it.

I am so grateful that you, my lovely readers, have taken a moment out of your, no doubt, equally busy day to commiserate with me at this time. 😉