Fantastical Friday: Yuletide Whimsy

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

As the nights grow steadily longer we fill our days with holiday cheer. 😀 Of course, there is the frantic last minute shopping thing too. Today I present a few fun accessories from Target to help get into the whimsical spirit of the approaching holidays. I hope you are all having a wonderful season! ❤

Yuletide Whimsy 1) Holiday Super Plush Santa Hat ($3)
2) Holiday Mini Santa Hat and Christmas Tree Headband ($4)
3) Women’s Reindeer Headband with Antlers ($5.60)
4) Women’s Set of 3 Bells, Star and Santa Hat Fish Hook Earrings ($5.60)
5) Women’s Candy Cane Headband with Ostrich Feathers ($5.60)
6) Holiday Animal Print Santa Hat ($6)
7) Snowman Holiday Infinity Scarf ($10.50)
8) Candy Cane Holiday Infinity Scarf ($10.50)
9) Women’s Cubic Zirconia Snowflake Stud Earrings with Gift Box in Sterling Silver ($19.99)

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Monthly Decor Post

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while might be aware that I have been doing a decor post near the end of the month for the past couple of moons. I had thought that I would be doing a product review, but the product has yet to arrive. The post around here leaves much to be desired, who knows if it’s tried to come through yet or not. They never knock & no notices are left when they decide for whatever random reason that they were unable to deliver a package. Hopefully I will be doing that review next month, if the mail nightmare works out. This time, rather than try to redesign a room I would like to showcase some of my favorite selections from Style & Apply for dressing up the walls in children’s spaces. I have a very young nephew & a similarly young niece who would benefit from a bit of whimsy in their play areas. 🙂 If you follow my links to do your shopping I will receive a small commission from your purchases, just staying up front about that. 😉

SnA Showcase

Fabulous Tree ($39.95)
Babydino Set ($29.95)
Alien Space Set ($29.95)
Magician ($29.95)
Indian Set (39.95) [more accurately Native American]
Pirate Ship IV ($19.95)
Unicorn Set ($39.95)
Witch with Broom ($19.95)
Wonder Dragon ($29.95)