Fantastical Friday: Sweet Unboxing

Fantastical Friday

Finally, I’m back. New computer came in & something else really cool turned up too! A bit back I had entered a contest on twitter being held by Dark Horse Comics & shock of all shocks, I was one of the winners. I said it was shocking because I haven’t won anything of note for 23 years, lol. I didn’t do a video or anything, just took pics of the basic steps & edited the pics for text & some emoji I placed (please forgive the flash). So here goes, my first unboxing for this blog 😀


Not a big reveal, but the initial opening does hint at some of the treasures inside. My excitement was running over a bit at this point, LOL.


A charming move on their part, they included a card that thanked me for being a fan & wished me a joyful holiday. ❤


We all know I love zombie stories & this one appears to be along similar lines, so this should be an epic & exciting read. Like all the manga I have encountered before the book is composed in reverse from the standard western order.


The flash made his feet disappear, so I felt it wasn’t outrageous to place the emoji over the glow. As I’m not a serious collector, I tend to take things out of their packages, so this sinister guy is now decorating my desk. I am impressed with his texturing & careful paint job. Also looking forward to the final battle in Game of Thrones, when our story reaches its climax.


Dark Horse does a lot of movie & show based comics, so it isn’t really that shocking that they have Fight Club. It was surprising that it’s hardcover, which is quite nice. Looking forward to reading this one as well, especially as it implies that it is a continuation of the story.


Well, this is intriguing. The cover is simple & compelling, can’t wait to crack it open to find out what happens.

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