Fantastical Friday: Halloween Thoughts

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Today’s post is more or less random as my thoughts skip through preparations for my favorite holiday of the year. So I was looking around at various Halloween decor ideas & found a few things that I’m considering this year. I thought I would share some of these with you & you can find them in the first pic & list. Pretty sure I mentioned in at least one previous post that I have a fascination with all things spider related & thought I would share with you a few random items I found at Spirit Halloween, which is incidentally where I found the decor items as well, lol.

Halloween Decor 1) Ethereal Ghost Cling ($3.99)
2) 8” Bottomless Skull Head ($4.99)
3) Bloody Brain ($6.99)
4) Haunted Doorbell ($8.99)
5) Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes ($9.99)
6) Haunted Birdhouse ($14.97)
7) Bag of Zombie Limbs ($19.99)
8) Crooked Tombstones 3-Piece Set ($22.99)
9) Light Up Skull Wreath ($34.99)

Random Spiders 1) Spider Web Purple Goblet ($3.99)
2) Spiderweb Eyelashes ($5.99)
3) Black Spider Drop Earrings ($7.99)
4) Witch Spiderweb Earring ($7.99)
5) Wild N Witchy Earrings ($7.99)
6) Spider Drop Purple Necklace ($8.99)
7) Spiderweb Stone Necklace ($8.99)
8) Black Spider Choker ($9.99)
9) Witch Spiderweb Statement Necklace ($9.99)

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