Watermelon Wednesday: Charming

Watermelon Wednesday

I know we’ve all felt it at some time, perhaps to varying degrees, a moment of fixation. My mind is especially prone to fascination, often times over the simplest of things. When I was a little girl certain items were just magical, like finding an old key, didn’t matter that there was nothing for it to fit to, the entire concept of the key was mystical & likely to be something my toddler self would take to enshrine in a drawer in my room. Years ago I accidentally left my driver’s license in a fitting room & when I returned to the shop hours later, as I had discovered my accident, it was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t help but think that maybe a small child had picked it up & claimed it as a holy relic, as I might have at a similar age. Some of the little thoughts that run through our minds on occasion can be funny like that, almost wistful even. For me these little fixations still come upon me at times, not that I pocket these things anymore as I have grown some self-restraint & discipline since I was toddling about, but some things just somehow hold sway over my attention so completely. It’s almost as if I failed my saving throw as a charm spell fell over me, lol. Those of you who have been following me for a while may have noticed that I am drawn to turquoise, so many of the pieces crafted with it & even the raw stones themselves have this sway over me. I was window shopping at Target the other day & found this lovely necklace that has been on my mind, here & there, since I spied it (I believe I have displayed similar pieces before, maybe even the same one, LOL).

WW04Women’s Long Stone and Chain Drop Necklace ($9.99)

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S&A Product Review

I was very excited to find that my Style & Apply product had arrived! Then there was the time spent on prepping the living room walls & trying to figure out just exactly where each piece was going. The items I’m using are the Floral Butterfly Set, Article #DS 698, as they coordinate quite well with our existing decor. Following the link in this paragraph or the Style & Apply banner at the bottom of this post to do your shopping will earn a small commission for me. I was not paid for this post, but it is to be noted that I did receive a free product valued at $19.95 for the purpose of this review.

Packaging: The product came in a large tube, like a jumbo scroll. I loved the cute sticker of a dog carrying a similar package & excitedly announcing “WOOFFFF, IT’s HERE! LET’s DO THIS…” Very cute ❤

Product: All 15 of the beautiful floral butterflies came on one large coiled up sheet. Being a fan of the fantasy genre I couldn’t help but get more swept up into things with it resembling a giant scroll, large enough to be a map or captain’s chart. LOL

Application: First I washed the wall, then I cut sections out of the big sheet so I could more readily apply each piece. It was a bit time consuming preparing & placing each individual butterfly, but I feel that it was well worth the effort given the final overall look.

Ease of Use: The product was just as easy to apply as the youtube video (see video below) & the paper with instructions lead me to believe. While a bit time consuming, there was no difficulty at all.

Opinion: I absolutely love these beautiful butterflies! They go so well with the framed picture. The whole family is impressed at how perfectly the color accents the rest of the decor. I would definitely recommend similar products from Style & Apply to anyone who wants to liven up their walls. They are so easy to place & add an almost magical touch to the whole room. Take a look at the following picture to see how my adventure turned out. 😀 Sorry the pic is not the best, we used the best phone camera we had (actually tried them all with various types of lighting lol) & this was the best of them. 🙂


There are so many different items to choose from Style & Apply & you are by no means restricted to just living room selections. They have many items meant for any kind of room you want to place them in. So many lovely choices, so few walls, LOL.