Fantastical Friday: A Little Rant

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I don’t normally do rants here, in fact I haven’t done one at all. It’s high time I got around to this one though, as it is a most unfantastical situation & very fashion backward if you ask me. I am absolutely certain that I do not represent a minority when I speak of this terrible problem as well. What is it that has my dander up so much? Well, I’m going to tell you.


I don’t think my feet are all that big, I wear a women’s size 8, but I do not & have never conformed to society’s idea that  women have super slim feet. There is only one brand that can comfortably fit me & that is New Balance, as my size 8 are also 4E. So apparently I have paddle boats. NB does not make cute shoes outside of the tennies, they don’t even make a cute sandal. Of course I wear NB at work, because I’m constantly on my feet there & have previously faced the debilitating pain (so bad I was physically ill even) of wearing other shoes. This means I’m cursed to wear shoes that are too long & still too narrow on my off days. I absolutely hate that it takes about 2 seasons to break them in enough that I no longer have to worry about half my foot going numb every time I walk.

Many of the places I affiliate with offer little to no options for shoes that come in a wide. Why is it so hard? Why are we made to suffer like this? These are questions I won’t likely ever have answers to. I do have to question if this idiocy has anything to do with the enlarging waistline generally seen throughout my country, as it isn’t easy to make yourself get out there & do things (do you dance? because I don’t) when your feet are pretty much instantly in pain. I’m so tired of living with this bs that has haunted me for nearly the whole of my life. Do you have a similar struggle?

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Childhood Inspiration

Today’s post will be a bit different, this time I thought I would discuss a woman who inspired me so much in my childhood. I think she is still one of the most beautiful women alive even now. Her incredible beauty is not the only thing I found to be of influence to my younger self, but her presence & the fact that she was a woman with a powerfully important role on a show I still rewatch to this day. Who is this woman you might ask, well none other than Nichelle Nichols. I haven’t really made a secret of being a nerd & I think I was a trekkie (some use the term trekker, nothing wrong with it, just I was taught my way when I was a little girl in the 80s) while growing in a cozy & personal amniotic sea. It was wonderful to see a woman who was an integral part of the bridge crew, though being honest about it, Roddenberry moved communications to the bridge (it’s never on the bridge in real naval vessels) just to get a woman on the bridge. Many of you may not be aware but there was one episode of the real original Star Trek which was cancelled for daring to have a female first officer. Yes, that’s right, the creator of Star Trek dared to dream that in the future women might hold higher military positions than they did in the 60s perhaps even equal to that of men, but he forgot that The Twilight Zone & The Outer Limits claimed to do their stories in another reality that had no relationship with ours to get away with making bold societal conjectures.

Nyota Uhura(I learned later that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked her into staying with the show, as an inspiring black woman)

Back to my topic, I distracted myself there for a bit, lol. Beautiful, glamorous & always seems to wear incredible statement jewelry. In the above picture the accessories had to comply with Star Fleet regs (LOL), but outside of her various roles she always seems to have the right pieces on. Every time I see Nichelle I’m star struck & she has remained so very elegant & graceful through the years. One of my childhood idols that has never disappointed me.

Nichelle Nichols
I’ve put together a few pieces from JollyChic that are in a similar vein, while also being totally different. LOL Yes, I am aware of just how ambiguous that last statement was. My links are affiliate in nature, so if you follow them to do your shopping I will receive a small commission from your purchases. 🙂

Inspired Jewelry
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Fashionably 2015!

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I did a few posts about holiday attire & since most people will already be prepared for their particular gatherings & I decided to move on. So I’ve put together a glamorous New Year party ensemble. This time the dress & boots are from the Pyramid Collection, I’ve always adored their selection of clothing & footwear. Click the image for a larger version.

New Year Ensemble

Red Ruched Dress $59.95
Laces & Lace Boots $49.95
Charmaine Earrings $68
Krista Necklace $38
Isadora Bangle $92
Seneca Bangle $28

A Few Last Minute Gift Ideas

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With the holidays right around the corner, literally, I thought I would spend just a tad more time on gift ideas. With this list I will focus on less costly items found in my boutique Orbb’s Fashion.

Chloe Headband

The Chloe Headband is a cute addition to any denim lover’s collection. Its regular price is $39 but it is currently on sale for $20.

Lucia Earrings

The beautiful Lucia Earrings set my steampunk sensors to tingling, I love these little darlings. Regularly priced at $22.

Erin Necklace

The simple glamour of the Erin Necklace is rose gold & entirely budget friendly. Its regular price is $22.

Belinda Necklace

The cute Belinda Necklace is a lovely piece to coordinate into almost any outfit, especially over the holidays. Regularly priced at $20 its currently on sale for $14.

Florence Bangle

The elegant Florence Bangle is a lovely piece that stacks easily & costs only $16.

Patrick Tie Clip

Don’t want to leave out the guys on your list, you might consider the stylish Patrick Tie Clip. Its regular price is $28 but it is currently on sale for $21.

A Few Glamorous Gift Ideas

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Thought I would share a few of the more fabulous items available at Orbb’s Fashion that make great gifts. Click the image to view a larger version.

Gift Ideas

1 – Keko Necklace $68

2 – Michelle Earrings $40

3 – Mattie Necklace $38

4 – Chloe Hematite $48

5 – Gillian Ring $64

6 – Amerie Bracelet $62

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Holiday Attire on a Budget

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Ever find that after budgeting for gifting family & friends that the money runs a little short for giving yourself a holiday treat? Well, let’s get a little holiday cheer on the cheap! Jewelry from Orbb’s Fashion & clothing from WalMart, yup you read that right, WalMart.

Budget Ensemble

Caroline Earrings regular price $22

Erin Necklace regular price $22

Florence Bangle regular price $16

Aqua Blues Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Color Block Top regular price $12.88

Faded Glory Women’s Knit Leggings regular price $6.94

Faded Glory Women’s Western Ankle Boot regular price $14.97

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