Target Jewelry Staples

This time I have put together a few jewelry style staples from Target. I found some great things while surfing around their website & soon I will be ordering a few items, that are not on this list, as for some reason I did not include ear cuffs, for one of my younger nieces. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on that as there is a very, very small chance she will read about it before her present arrives. As a Target affiliate I have to be sure that you understand following my links to do your shopping will earn me a commission on those sales. I hope you enjoy this list of treasures as much as I do 🙂

Style Staples

Clear Crystal Round Oval Earring Trio ($4.99)
Filagree Teardrop Hoop Earrings ($4.99)
White Pearl Earring Trio ($4.99)
5 Row Necklace with Simulated Pearls ($16.99)
Round Bezel Necklace in a Black Box ($19.99)
Sterling Silver Chain with Circle Pendant ($19.99)
Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with Feather ($14.99)
Five Row Cut Out Pave Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet ($14.99)
Bangle Bracelet Set – Silver/Hematite ($4.99)
Stainless Steel 3 Band Ring ($19.99)
Journee Collection Round Cut CZ Pave Set Curb Chain Stretch Ring ($11.99)
Zirconite Fashion Knuckle Ring with Crystal Cresent Moon+Star ($8.99)

Ensemble Idea: Bethany Necklace

I put together an outfit idea around a necklace from my boutique. All the clothing items come from Walmart & this time I made plus size selections, as some of us have a bit more woman than others. Click image for enlarged version.

Bethany Ensemble

14th Place Women’s Plus-Size Sequin Ruffle Tee ($13)
Faded Glory Women’s Plus Size Crinkle Skirt ($12.94)
Women’s Westbuitti Emily 3 ($44.95)
Bethany Necklace ($58)

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2015 Resolutions

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Making resolutions may have fallen out of style for individuals but it’s always the in thing to do for business. After careful consideration I have put together a list of goals or “resolutions” for 2015.

I resolve to provide greater support for boutique owners who have signed up with me by spending more time guiding them in managing their shops & assisting them with creative advertising strategies.

I will increase my sales by at least 10% in 2015 by further reaching out to the communities at large both in my local area & on the internet.

I will improve the excellent customer care by paying closer attention to the needs, concerns & desires of every one of my customers.

Just a few thoughts & plans to implement in the coming year. I hope the new year will bring you all wonderful blessings. Sign up to Orbb’s Fashion boutique, check out the beautiful jewelry, or set up your own boutique.

Treat Yourself in the New Year

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A few lovelies to treat yourself with 🙂


1) Gianna Earrings $44
2) Gretchen Earrings $32


1) Alicia Necklace $52
2) Mona Necklace $62


1) Stacia Bracelet $76
2) Nabby Bracelet $28


1) Norah Ring $48
2) Therese Ring $64

Weekly Flash Sales and Getting the Word Out

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Setting up weekly flash sales is a must when running your own Kitsy Lane boutique. I have noted that some people like to choose their items the week before, but this has bitten me on the behind so I usually select my sale items within 24 hours of the deadline. Too many times I have made my selections early only to find that many of the items I had chosen were sold out by the time my sale started.

Only 12 items can be marked for flash sale each week. There are times that it is easy to fill & you will wish for more than that & there are other times that it’s difficult to find enough items for it. Your boutique will always have well more than 12 items, but not all items will reduce their prices when added to the flash sale. I’ve taken a few screenshots to illustrate, the button outlined in red is the one you would click to add to your flash sale & the number outlined in red is what the price will become while the item is in your sale.

Unable to place on sale, price does not go down:

Sale Example 01

Unable to place on sale, was in last week’s sale:

Sale Example 03

Perfect sale item:

Sale Example 02

On occasion there is a glitch where an item is included in a sale that comes from corporate HQ, rather than your sales, where the price would actually be higher if purchased from your sale. It can also be frustrating to have an item in your sale be added to a corporate sale the next day or really any time during your sale, because the item appears to be the same price on or off your sale, giving the illusion of there being no discount when the price is actually much lower than you could make it for your own sale.

After I make my selections for the coming week I like to take a screen shot of the collection, because the Kitsy Lane basic flash sale image is quite boring for social media advertising. In order to capture all items that will be in the upcoming sale in the same image I have to zoom the image out, do my screen shot, paste it into an editor & crop it down to just the items. Then I remove extraneous things from the image like my button selectors & usually the regular price. As final touches I often add cute little images & some text that goes something like this:

“Flash Sale

Date – Date”

An example of a recent sale pic I used:

24 Dec 2014 FS

I did actually commit a small error in that sale pic where I accidentally covered one of the prices, but no one is perfect & the image is still catchy. Just in case you’re wondering, I use 2 editors to make my images. I run Windows 7 which came with Paint, because Paint is not great at high quality graphics I only use it to paste my initial screen shot & then to crop the image down to the sale items. I like to consider myself frugal so all of the other edits are done in Gimp which is a free, open source image editor that I find quite handy for putting together a lot of pictures.

Sign up to Orbb’s Fashion boutique to work with me, or just to browse & buy if you like. 😉

Style it Up with Costume Jewelry!

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A few casual combinations for tops & necklaces. The tops are from a few different places, you can follow the links provided with the descriptions under the pictures.

Turtleneck Necklace

Black Turtleneck Sweater from Kohl’s regular price $36, currently on sale for $13.99
Cher Necklace regular price $68

Lace Top Body Chain

Lace Top from Kmart regular price $16, currently on sale for $11.89
Sadie Body Chain regular price $46, currently on sale for $42

Flutter Sleeve Layer Necklace

Flutter Sleeve Tie-Waist Blouse (plus size) from JCPenny regular price $42, currently on sale for 19.99
Margo Necklace regular price $42

Tried and True

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Jewelry Shop

Enticing new customers is a large part of the jewelry business, but in the mad dash for more sales we have to take the time to remember your existing clientele. Providing excellent customer service & pampering those who have proven their loyalty to your shop is always important. This is especially critical during the holiday season when everyone is so stressed out trying to find the perfect items while trying to ensure things arrive on time.

Keep a steady dialog with your regulars. Take the time to recommend products that you think will be of special interest to them. Always, always, always listen to any problems they  may have experienced & do everything you can to make it right. When codes are available to distribute, remember first those customers who most frequent your shop.

Taking care of your existing customers goes a long way to keep them coming back to you for their jewelry needs & their word of mouth advertising never hurts.

If you’re not signed up already come check out my boutique!

Dream Big, Act Practically

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Commission Earnings

I’m a big dreamer myself, but like most of us I have to pull my mind from the clouds & take care of the more practical issues so that I have a chance of achieving those dreams. Suffice to say that just managing a boutique is not enough to bring in the sales, putting the word out there, as often as possible, is the only way to attract the attention of new customers.

Naturally wearing your jewelry when you go out is an important step. That helps to break the ice with potential clients who are in your local area. Having business cards to hand out when people ask about the treasures you’re wearing can be very helpful too.

Social media is a valuable tool to utilize for the health & success of your boutique. Many people access these sites & having a presence on a number of them has the possibility of bringing your business more viewers who may chose to make purchases from you or even join up to do business with you.

When people do decide that they want to work with you to sell jewelry from their own boutiques it can be immensely helpful to them to keep in touch. Should they be just starting out they may need some of the benefit of your experience to guide them down the path of effective marketing.

If your looking to purchase some beautiful jewelry and/or wanting to make some extra money from home, come look me up at my boutique Orbb’s Fashion. Happy winter solstice!!!

Holiday Attire on a Budget

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Ever find that after budgeting for gifting family & friends that the money runs a little short for giving yourself a holiday treat? Well, let’s get a little holiday cheer on the cheap! Jewelry from Orbb’s Fashion & clothing from WalMart, yup you read that right, WalMart.

Budget Ensemble

Caroline Earrings regular price $22

Erin Necklace regular price $22

Florence Bangle regular price $16

Aqua Blues Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Color Block Top regular price $12.88

Faded Glory Women’s Knit Leggings regular price $6.94

Faded Glory Women’s Western Ankle Boot regular price $14.97

Our Best Values, All in One Place at!