Decisions Have been Made

I have been with Kitsy Lane for a long time, at least as long as one could be with such a fledgling company anyway. I stumbled across it nearly at the beginning. Originally it was a wonderful shop with way too many pieces to select anywhere near all of them for my boutique. The past little over a year I have watched the potential stock dwindle from well over 500 treasures to a bit over 100. A while back they stopped hosting the newsletters, so when they did choose to run extra sales it was unlikely to be noticed. The sales they have chosen to run, since last year are advertised after they expire. The vast majority of the selections cannot be placed in my weekly flash sale, as their prices do not actually reduce. While they always had a small percentage of good quality pieces, now that the number of pieces has dwindled to nearly nothing there are really very, very few that are worth purchasing.

I sent an email to my concierge a bit back to inquire about the total lack of attention from HQ & all they had to say was (paraphrasing here) too bad, we’re making money doing other things. It really breaks my heart that I have to leave them, having been so devoted for so long, but what else can I do at this point? I’ve sensed this moment coming for quite some time & the inevitable has finally come.

Jewelry has been my life for many years & until blogging came into my life it was also my only job. Now that my schedule has been cleared I will be focusing a lot more energy into my blog & instead of posting every other day as before, I will be posting 6 days a week. At this point it will be one post for each of those days, until I get into the swing of that hustle, it’s possible that there will be multiple posts in a day in the future, but this is what I can guarantee for now.

Mending Broken Heart

I appreciate you, my lovely readers, for taking part in this point of transition in my life. As always my heart is with you all. ❤



Top 10 Kitsy Lane Earrings

This time I wanted to do something a little different, so things aren’t too boring lol. So I’m going to count down the top 10 earring picks from my boutique, also named Orbb’s Fashion. Selection is based on quality & my personal taste. So starting from number 10:


10) The Caroling Earrings ($22) are perfect for daily wear & versatile enough to coordinate for a night out.


9) The Sloane Earrings ($40) have just the right amount of mystery with the combination of triple ouroboros & cut onyx.


8) The Sasha Earrings ($28) add a lovely pop of color & are fabulous for everyday use.


7) The magnificent Lulu Earrings ($28) are a magical addition to a dressy or sophisticated look.


6) The cut crystals in the Isobel Earrings ($37) make a dazzling effect when draped from the lobes!


5) The Claudia Earrings ($64) add rich color to a variety of events & daily style choices.


4) I adore the chic Leeza Earrings ($40) with their elegant sophistication.


3) The jaw dropping beauty of the Vivica Earrings ($48) almost put these lovelies at the top of my list.


2) The elegant Gianna Silver Tone Earrings ($44) are simply spectacular.


1) Topping my list are the stunning Kathryn Earrings ($40). Who doesn’t love chandelier earrings?

The Long Haul


When you commit to working for yourself it is critical that you set goals & put forth the effort to achieve them. Always make a plan so that a course of action is laid out for goal acquisition. Setting a schedule is perhaps the next step that must be taken, once established only adherence will bring success.

I keep a busy schedule of social advertising & have recently started blogging. Only through my sustained efforts am I able to accomplish anything worthwhile. Slacking off on my plans can only send my business into a downward spiral that could ruin everything i have worked so hard to create for my family.

Plans themselves have to be reviewed, for they may not be as feasible as first thought. While working your business enough is of vital importance to your success, you can’t work yourself to death either. You have to go with what works & throw out whatever does not. Running any kind of business is a learning experience, no matter how much business schooling you may have had before beginning your journey.

As always keep the dream alive & do what must be done to get there. If you’re interested in adding another income stream you may consider working with me & opening a boutique.

Boho with the Dominique Necklace

Okay, well I admit it, the skirt adds a bit of steampunk flavor. I put this ensemble with only 1 of my jewelry pieces, going for a touch of minimalism & again I went with some favorite selections from The Pyramid Collection, because I love their eclectic clothing. Click the image for larger version.

Boho Ensemble

Midnight Fantasy Top ($69.95)
Snap-Slit Skirt ($59.95)
Lace Trimmed Black Leggings ($39.95)
Jamaica Blue Step in Shoe ($79.95)
Dominique Necklace ($56)

Treat Yourself in the New Year

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A few lovelies to treat yourself with 🙂


1) Gianna Earrings $44
2) Gretchen Earrings $32


1) Alicia Necklace $52
2) Mona Necklace $62


1) Stacia Bracelet $76
2) Nabby Bracelet $28


1) Norah Ring $48
2) Therese Ring $64

Style it Up with Costume Jewelry!

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A few casual combinations for tops & necklaces. The tops are from a few different places, you can follow the links provided with the descriptions under the pictures.

Turtleneck Necklace

Black Turtleneck Sweater from Kohl’s regular price $36, currently on sale for $13.99
Cher Necklace regular price $68

Lace Top Body Chain

Lace Top from Kmart regular price $16, currently on sale for $11.89
Sadie Body Chain regular price $46, currently on sale for $42

Flutter Sleeve Layer Necklace

Flutter Sleeve Tie-Waist Blouse (plus size) from JCPenny regular price $42, currently on sale for 19.99
Margo Necklace regular price $42

Tried and True

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Jewelry Shop

Enticing new customers is a large part of the jewelry business, but in the mad dash for more sales we have to take the time to remember your existing clientele. Providing excellent customer service & pampering those who have proven their loyalty to your shop is always important. This is especially critical during the holiday season when everyone is so stressed out trying to find the perfect items while trying to ensure things arrive on time.

Keep a steady dialog with your regulars. Take the time to recommend products that you think will be of special interest to them. Always, always, always listen to any problems they  may have experienced & do everything you can to make it right. When codes are available to distribute, remember first those customers who most frequent your shop.

Taking care of your existing customers goes a long way to keep them coming back to you for their jewelry needs & their word of mouth advertising never hurts.

If you’re not signed up already come check out my boutique!