Radical Departure

This post is going to be a bit different for me, as I dream about redoing my space & making my walls less boring. I will be considering items from Walmart as well as some wall art from Style and Apply. First off, my personal space is small so the bedroom & office considerations are meant for the same room.

I like everything in my space to be aesthetically pleasing in addition to being functional so here are some of my ideas. I’ll start with the bedroom aspect of the room. I really like the twin bedroom set I found, though the picture has a lot of traditionally masculine elements in play I have found a few coordinates more attuned to me.


The bedroom set I selected has a small bed, which suits my small space very well & has lots of storage areas. The collection comes with the storage bed, headboard, bedside table, 6 drawer dresser & the storage bench, the mattress is not included but at least no box spring is required. All in all the whole thing costs $769.00. Naturally I wanted to add some cute elements to the room in general & the pink bear lamp is just adorable as a bedside lighting fixture. I really like the colors for the bedding sets, I think they bring in some personal flair.

I found a desk, a lamp & a comfortable chair that I think will be efficient for my needs as well. The rest of the images seem more self explanatory so I didn’t feel a need to label them as I did the bedroom compilation.


I like the basic idea of these for my office area, a nice simple desk, a comfortable chair on rollers & an energy efficient lamp. Collectively the items total out to about $223 with the desk, of course, being the most expensive item in that slightly rounded up total.

For a few finishing touches I’ve selected a couple of functional wall decals that I am quite fond of. The decals can easily be customized to suit anyone with color, size (on most items), swarovski elements & number of hangers. I like the clock in violet & the kiss hanger in dark red (these are not the colors shown in the image).

Wall Decals

The clock decal just makes sense, knowing what time it is, is just plain useful. The stars & moon seem whimsical, which is a quality I enjoy about this particular decal. It starts at $59.95 without the addition of swarovski elements. Always trying to maximize the effectiveness of storage in my personal corner of the world I opted for a decal that comes with hangers for bags & other random items that hangers can keep off the floor. I found the kiss design to be rather stylish & its price starts at $39.95 before tacking on swarovski elements or additional hangers.

Since wall tattoos/decals are somewhat new to me I watched Style and Apply’s instructional video for application.

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