Watermelon Wednesday: Already Considering

Watermelon Wednesday

I’m one of those people who like to plan ahead, though sometimes I have very poor follow through. At this time I’m considering doing some DIY holiday gifts this year. You might be thinking that it’s too early to be considering such things, but I have very little time to attend to such projects & I am not one of those people that can crochet an entire sweater in a couple of hours (I can make a teddy bear in about 8 though). So if I’m going to make something for everyone I need to start working on it now, to maximize the amount of time to work on them. The lovely yarn from Fabric.com¬†that I chose to feature today I thought might make a great afghan or scarf for my nephew. Do you like to plan ahead & are you any good at seeing those plans through?

WW30Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn (28342) Teal Twists ($2.98/skein)

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Fantastical Friday: Dark Valentine

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

Today’s wishlist was brought to you from Amazon, because it’s my go to source for random & weird things I like, when other shops I frequent may only have 1 or 2 items that would fit the bill. I didn’t find a lot for the guys out there, though I admit I could have looked a bit harder, but I got distracted with things I want…. LOL.

I hope everyone has a wonderful V-day! Perhaps you’ll find this listing useful or perhaps your special someone will, especially if your tastes run to the dark side of bling. (totally random Star Wars-esk joke…. but I stand by it, LOL)

dark-valentine1) Valentines Earrings Goth Red Dagger Earrings Handmade ($8.99)
2) Black Heart Rose Thorns Pendant Punk Goth Metal Heavy Duty Necklace ($9.99)
3) Valentine Red Heart Axe Goth Pendant Punk Gothic Necklace Rave Dark ($9.99)
4) Valentine’s Day Earrings Aurora Borealis Glass Cut Heart Handmade Iridescent Purple Pink ($12.99)
5) Black Sacred Heart Wing Chain Stone Goth Pendant Valentine Gothic Necklace ($12.99)
6) Steampunk Tassel Lace Choker Necklace ($14.99)
7) DaisyJewel Bronze and Purple Heart Angel Wings of Love Pendant Necklace ($20.99)
8) Black Cat Necklace Red Valentine Heart Pendant Handmade Jewelry ($26)
9) Coeur Du Morteur Pendant by Alchemy Empire: Steampunk ($44.96)

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Odds & Ends

Today I decided that it was time to start thinking about Father’s Day, what with it being about a month away. I believe that I have mentioned in previous posts how my dad really loves comic books, though I do not believe that I have noted that he is retired from the U.S. Navy. My father is in no way perfect & despite our differences of opinion I have nothing but love for him. Walmart¬†& while I normally do not showcase movies I felt the need to go there this time. I hope you are all thinking fondly of your fathers as well. Keep in mind¬†that following my links to shop will earn me a small commission from anything you may choose to purchase.

Odds n Ends

1) Men’s Talking Watch with Record/Playback Functions ($8.45)
2) BMC 3pc Silver Color Mens Fashion Comic Bat Design Tie Bar Clip-Cufflinks Set ($10.99)
3) DC Comics Batman Stainless Steel Reversible Dog Tag Pendant ($12)
4) Men’s Stainless Steel Anchor Necklace ($16)
5) Men’s High-Polish Stainless Steel “DAD” Dog Tag Pendant Necklace ($18)
6) Marvel’s The Avengers – Blu-ray + DVD ($19.96)
7) Marvel Punisher Skull Steel Ring ($20.83)
8) Marvel: Guardians Of The Galaxy ‚Äď Blu-ray ($22.19)
9) Daxx Men’s Stainless Steel Flaming Skull Fashion Necklace, 18″ ($26.99)

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Memorial Day Sale

Amazon is running a Memorial Day sale with select items that are sold & shipped by Amazon.com at 20% off when you use the code FUN20SUN at checkout. Be aware that only select items are included in this sale, also take not that my links are those of an affiliate so following my links to take advantage of this sale will earn me a small commission. It does make a lot of sense why all other shops through the site would be excluded, there are just too many other shops to work out such deals with & many of them might well be running their own Memorial Day sale.

Memorial Sale

You might even consider going ahead & getting something for Father’s Day. Of course you could always treat yourself, or maybe do some shopping for each member of the family. Take a look at a few of the items that are included in the sale:




Dear Mom

To my mother, who carried me for nine months. Who raised me to question the status quo. Who put up with me when I was a difficult teen. You have my utmost admiration in all the amazing things that you do. You have my undying love & devotion. While I do my best to honor you¬†every day of this life you gave me I know too that you deserve a special day to be given even greater acknowledgement for having found within you that most sacred strength, to be called mom. I cannot even begin to express the depth of this¬†affection I hold for you,¬†to the superhero I call mother. — Orbb ‚̧

Continuing with the upcoming Mothers’ Day theme I have again made some selections that would make great gifts. All of today’s gift list come from JollyChic, which means they are both stylish & highly affordable. Choosing to follow my links or banners to do your shopping will earn me a small commission from your purchases.

Dear Mom

1) Butterfly Gold-Tone Green Rhinestone Brooch ($5.99)
2) Elegant OL Alloy Rhinestone Stylish Bracelet ($8.99)
3) Beads Star Pattern Layers Necklace For Women ($6.99)
4) Vintage Flower Opal Dangle Drop Earrings ($5.99)
5) Silver Zircon Plated Curly Shape Necklace ($4.99)
6) Fashion Layers Imitation Pearl Ring ($2.99)
7) Classic Turquoise Lobster Clasp Retro Necklace ($4.99)
8) Double Layers Rhinestone Finger Tie Charm Bracelet ($4.99)
9) Elegant Rhinestones Butterfly Pendant Necklace ($5.99)
10) Western Stylish Vintage Turquoise Earrings For Women ($2.99)

300x250 Spring New Arrivals

Beautiful Time

Another post inspired by the upcoming Mother’s Day, this time I have a collection of fashion watches that would make wonderful gifts. In the fast paced society we live in everyone needs something to help them chronologically synchronize with their daily to do lists.¬†While the telling of time can be very important to all of us, it’s also great to do so with style &¬†flair. The selections for this post come from JollyChic¬†as they have many¬†marvelous watches to choose from. This post contains affiliate links, so if you follow them to do your shopping I will earn a small commission from your purchases.

Gift of Time
1) Layers Weave Wrap Around Leather Brown Retro Bracelet Watch ($6.99)
2) Hollow Flower Round Case Quartz Wrist Watch ($6.99)
3) Nice Rhinestone Round Case Quartz Wrist Watch ($7.99)
4) Luxury Rose Gold Crystal Lady Women White Quartz Analog Watch ($5.99)
5) Wide Band Nice Flower Rhinestone Wrist Watch ($6.99)
6) Round Shape High Quality Quartz Wrist Watch ($7.99)
7) Dual Time Zone Pendant Quartz Watch With Chain ($7.99)
8) Rhinestone Round Case Quartz Wrist Watch ($6.99)
9) Lady Dragonfly Crystal Party Ball Analog Quartz Watch ($21.99)
10) Elegant Leather Bling Crystal Lady Women Quartz Dress Watch ($21.99)

Fashion Fast Me -- Up To 70% OFF


First, I need to say that I hate UPS. They are absolutely the worst parcel service I have ever had any dealings with. I ordered a gift for one of my younger nieces from¬†Target, also to be noted that the item was an online exclusive that could not be sent to the¬†store for pick up. The shipping service that they use is (urgh!) UPS! Now, my general problem with this particular carrier of packages is their unreliability, when they do actually succeed in delivering what they are supposed to they do not knock (unless the sender has set up signature confirmation), even when it is totally obvious to any casual observer that people are home. I haven’t always lived in a good neighborhood & back when I was on such a not so reputable¬†block they would just set packages on the porch, making no attempt to alert the occupants to the presence of said packages. That’s just an invitation to ruin one’s holiday plans.

Crying Emote

Anyway, moving on to the point of my problem with them this time. I received an email notice from¬†Target¬†that my package had been delivered. Well, I hadn’t seen it, so I spent the next 2 days tearing up the house & yard, all the while interrogating everyone about it (I have a large family, it takes a while to question everyone). The package simply wasn’t here. So I sent an email to Target’s customer support explaining the problem. They were very kind & were working with me, after asking me to check my porch & yard again they then asked me to wait a few days as sometimes packages were misreported as delivered but arrive a few days later. So okay, I search through all of the emails about my order I found the clickable tracking number that UPS had provided & they claimed that they had delivered it during a time where there were¬†no less than 12 people at the house, fully conscious & mostly in the front yard. Yet the truck was never even seen on the street. Now 6 days after the package was supposedly delivered, I replied to the last message from Target, as I was instructed to do if it still failed to arrive, to report that there still was no package.

Black Eye Emote

Fortune smiled on me this time however. A few hours after I sent that email, a neighbor from several streets away, whom none of us know at all, came over to the house to give us our package that had been delivered to their house by mistake. It was very kind of them to bring it by & I was overjoyed! Seems their house number is the same as ours, while the name of the street is very different. So in other words, the UPS delivery person had thought maybe a street name that clearly starts with an M might actually start with a B instead, then reported it as being delivered to the correct address when it in fact was not. If my address had not been correct on the package, there is no way the neighbor could have done what UPS could not & bring it around to the correct destination.

So as it is, the kindness of our previously unknown neighbors saved the day, perhaps even the year! My niece finally received her gift & she was so very happy. The order was rather simple, nothing large, just a 3 piece ear cuff set, but it meant the world to us for the time. Her favorite is the one with the dangling feathers, which doesn’t really surprise me at all. lol

Alex Ear Cuffs

I’m sure that¬†Target¬†would’ve made it right as their customer support was doing everything they could to help me. I do so hope they change their parcel service & soon. Please remember that following my links to make your purchases will earn me a small commission & you might consider items that they offer store pick-up for rather than deal with the nightmare known as UPS. Thanks for taking the time to read this ūüėČ