Blog Facelift


I’m sure you have noticed that there have been some visual changes to the blog. Now that I have a few months of blogging under my belt I decided that it was about time that I made myself at home & add a little personal style to my posts.

It took me a week to find a balance between style & functionality that appealed to me. Then a few more hours spent playing with the final overall look until I was satisfied with the changes.

Hope you, my beloved readers, like the change or at the very least don’t dislike it. 😀 I’m growing as a blogger & felt it was a little passed due that my page reflect more of myself. Time to get fully immersed now that I’ve gotten my feet wet.

This is turning out to be not much of a post, lol. Just wanted to touch base with my lovely readers after the sweeping changes to my blog. ❤


Finding Work/Life Balance


This in an important part of life & there are so many suggestions on this topic, so many are good but not necessarily the right fit. I work from home, which presents a large set of difficulties when balancing my work with having a life.

A lot of people suggest unplugging for a while to promote relaxation, but I don’t find that to really work for me. I enjoy using some of my personal time gaming & video games do not function well without power.

I try to use a simple strategy & maybe it will work for you too:

Organize: Plan out work time, family time & personal time with the understanding that a certain amount of flexibility is a prerequisite to make it work out.

Meditate: I try to meditate at least 5 minutes every day, it helps to sharpen my focus & keep me from having a stress melt-down.

Play: Critical that play time happens, seriously what is the point of living if there is never time to enjoy it.

Focus: When work time rolls around I put most distractions to the side & get it done. I say most because I come from a large family & I will go crazy without TV or music in the background. Growing up in chaos has conditioned me to do my best thinking with a chaotic background.

Reevaluate: As with any plan, every now & then it needs to be looked over. This is the time when I eliminate anything that isn’t working & develop new strategies if needed.

2015 Resolutions

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Making resolutions may have fallen out of style for individuals but it’s always the in thing to do for business. After careful consideration I have put together a list of goals or “resolutions” for 2015.

I resolve to provide greater support for boutique owners who have signed up with me by spending more time guiding them in managing their shops & assisting them with creative advertising strategies.

I will increase my sales by at least 10% in 2015 by further reaching out to the communities at large both in my local area & on the internet.

I will improve the excellent customer care by paying closer attention to the needs, concerns & desires of every one of my customers.

Just a few thoughts & plans to implement in the coming year. I hope the new year will bring you all wonderful blessings. Sign up to Orbb’s Fashion boutique, check out the beautiful jewelry, or set up your own boutique.

Customizing Your Boutique

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This is perhaps one of the most important things to do for your shop. In the world of style, image is everything!

When you click Manage Boutique near the upper right of your shop, you will find yourself presented with a list of things to tweak. Fourth down on the list to the left is Customize My Boutique. From that menu you can select a theme & then go on to further customize your theme.

I suggest taking the time to dress up your shop with your own custom shop images & backgrounds. Customers & potential customers like to easily see that you care enough to update your site regularly, so staying up to date on seasonal shifts & holidays is essential to present the proper public image.

I personally like to use Gimp to edit pics together & dress up my shop. It’s also nice to add a similar personal touch to your shop’s FaceBook, Google Plus & whatever other social networking pages you use for your boutique. If you’re into blogging you’ll definitely want to keep its look updated regularly as well.

If you haven’t signed up already & feel that you need an additional income stream come on down & check out Orbb’s Fashion boutique, maybe sign up while your there too.