Watermelon Wednesday: Cotton Candy

Watermelon Wednesday

It can be good for the soul to change things up every now & then. You might get your hair or nails done, but there is something special about being able to do a radical change that is entirely temporary, in that you can take it off whenever you like. Wigs can be a great outlet for creative style expression & can certainly be wonderful for cosplay, LARPing, or just to do something fun & different for a day (or 2, or 3, LOL). A little self-indulgence in the way of fantasy never hurt anyone, as long as we don’t allow such whims to dominate our lives. Just take some time to revel in being different, to allow ourselves the freedom of being blatantly unusual to take some of the daily pressures off the table for a bit. Being comfortable with ourselves enough to be bold & noticed in this way helps to build confidence & release a bit of stress along the way. The sheer enjoyment of living in the moment, even if it is only for a moment, can go a long way to increasing our general happiness levels. Anyway, today’s spotlight is a lovely wig I found while browsing some of the sweeter (yep, just going to roll with the pun) selections available at Wigsbuy, a lovely piece suitable for a night (or day, as the case may be) on the town. 😉

ww26Pretty Lolita Hairstyle Long Curly Pink with Purple Mixed Synthetic Hair Cosplay Wig 28 Inches ($66.64)


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Playful Colors

Continuing the theme of summer fun I put together an ensemble idea with a lot of vibrant colors. The coming season is one of joyous festivity & I feel that this post conjures up some of that jubilant emotion. Time to get to reveling while we still can in these months of extroverted merriment. 😉 I hope you enjoy frolicking as much as I do! The selections today come from Pink Basis & Walmart. This post has affiliate links, should you choose to follow them to make purchases I will earn a small commission.

Playful Colors

Purple Red Floral Print Sexy Halter Maxi Dress ($32.99)
Teal Strappy Cork Platform Wedges Faux Leather ($29.99)
PalmBeach Jewelry Red Crystal Scrollwork Chandelier Earrings in Yellow Gold Tone ($13.49)
Gold-Tone Multi-Color Fashion Trio Statement Necklace, Convertible 3-in-1 Necklace ($7)
PalmBeach Jewelry 3 Piece Set Turquoise, Topaz and Quartz Bracelets in Yellow Gold Tone ($17.99)
Brinley Co. Women’s CZ Gold-Tone Stretch Statement Fashion Ring ($11.99)

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