Fantastical Friday: Stylish Armor

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

Armor selection can be difficult for a good character, even if you plan a DIY. Sometimes you just have to know someone who makes great pieces (if you do, I could use an introduction LOL). I found a few pieces that could easily coordinate well with a warrior or squire style, but as per usual I had a lot of difficulty tracking down many options with this sort of item. I found all of these pieces at Amazon & while some may be a bit more expensive than I usually like showcase about there is a lot of quality & craftsmanship that goes into the higher quality pieces. Game on! 😀

Fashion Armor1) Leg Avenue Women’s 2 Piece Faux Chain Mail Hooded Dress and Rope Belt ($29.99)
2) Womans Leather Studded Bracers Vambraces Armguards Cosplay LARP Steampunk – Black ($37.99)
3) Steel Arm Bracers ($40)
4) Medieval thick padded white gambeson aketon WOMEN Doublet arming jacket armor SCA LARP ($97)
5) Womans Leather Single Shoulder Armor Pauldron – Black with Nickel Hardware ($99.99)
6) Womans Leather Shoulder Armor Pauldrons – Black with Nickel Hardware ($189.99)

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