A Few Fave Bloggers

Blogs I Love

I thought it might be about time to share a few of my favorite blogs with my readers. It also helps to break some of the monotony of my usual style of posts. While I follow quite a number of blogs I have narrowed my list down to 7 for the purposes of this post, so I shouldn’t be too long winded, lol. This listing is in no particular order. 😉

While she is among the youngest of the bloggers I follow, I really enjoy reading the posts of Sonya who manages Desire4Beauty. She is a vlogger also & sometimes links her videos back to her blog. She blogs about all kinds of things, whatever strikes her fancy.

I am very fond of Grace from Color and Grace. She’s a fashion blogger with a wonderful sense of style. I’m always pinning images from her posts, lol. She has a weekly linkup on Wednesdays if you’re interested in checking that out. 😉

Tessa from Advocate for Mental Illness! is another great blogger. She writes stories, posts story challenges for other writes & does exactly what the title suggests, helps to promote knowledge & understanding for a variety of illnesses (the story bit has changed a bit since I initially wrote this, but she does have a second blog for them). I think you will find that she’s overall an amazing person, who shares her daily struggles with her readers.

Then there is dray0308 (don’t have another name for him) with Dream Big, Dream Often. His posts are motivational & generally helpful on a wide variety of self-improvement topics. Aspire to higher things & take action toward your goals with this wonderful blog. 😀

Tracey Dean has a grand blog, by the same name, where she covers a many different topics. From photography to beauty & what’s in my bag type posts, she’s a great one to follow if you have wide interests.

Dawn Hill from Dawn Hill Designs is a jewelry designer. Many of her posts are about the care, maintenance & properties of her pieces. She doesn’t exclusively write about jewelry & gemstones, you’ll find some other interesting posts too, like her confessions series.

Lady Nancy with Retro-electric has a unique sense of style. She has something of a polished/whimsical/punk/goth (hard to pull off I know, but she does it & it’s amazing) look that’s very striking & ultimately lovely. If you’re into fashion that’s a little bit different she’s a great one to follow. 😉

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Versatile Blogger Award


Thank & link back to the person who tagged you.
Tell 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 other bloggers.

This was very much a surprise for me, lol. Only looking at it from the right angle can any versatility be seen on my blog. I do range from classically classy styling to the ultimate in nerdy costuming, so I suppose that can be thought of as versatility, lol. Naturally I have a great deal of gratitude for Clair Elsley’s nomination for this tag. 😉

1) I have 5 cats. LOL I’m a crazy cat lady. I come by it naturally, crazy cat lady runs in my family. Random side note: they are all black.
2) I don’t actually enjoy shopping so much as getting stuff, lol.
3) I am a multi-tasker; why do just one thing at a time when you can do at least 3!
4) I’m an unrepentant Netflixaholic.
5) I’m in The Walking Dead withdrawals, made all the worse by AMC’s decision to postpone the premier of the most horribly named spin off ever, Fear the Walking Dead.
6) I firmly believe that those people who think television is bad for you have either never watched good TV or have forgotten it’s existence, such as the original The Twilight Zone (which is not only one of the greatest study in ethics of all time, but was created when the medium of television was a very new art form).
7) I have 3 sisters & 3 brothers. 2 of my sisters are mothers & 1 of my brothers is a father. Collectively, I have 8 nieces & 2 nephews.

I truly have zero time to research who to tag, which is part of the reason it has taken me so long to put together this post. Due to very recent familial developments I have even less time, so I chose to nominate all of my readers who choose to do this. 😉 You are all so much more deserving of this tag than I am.

Decisions Have been Made

I have been with Kitsy Lane for a long time, at least as long as one could be with such a fledgling company anyway. I stumbled across it nearly at the beginning. Originally it was a wonderful shop with way too many pieces to select anywhere near all of them for my boutique. The past little over a year I have watched the potential stock dwindle from well over 500 treasures to a bit over 100. A while back they stopped hosting the newsletters, so when they did choose to run extra sales it was unlikely to be noticed. The sales they have chosen to run, since last year are advertised after they expire. The vast majority of the selections cannot be placed in my weekly flash sale, as their prices do not actually reduce. While they always had a small percentage of good quality pieces, now that the number of pieces has dwindled to nearly nothing there are really very, very few that are worth purchasing.

I sent an email to my concierge a bit back to inquire about the total lack of attention from HQ & all they had to say was (paraphrasing here) too bad, we’re making money doing other things. It really breaks my heart that I have to leave them, having been so devoted for so long, but what else can I do at this point? I’ve sensed this moment coming for quite some time & the inevitable has finally come.

Jewelry has been my life for many years & until blogging came into my life it was also my only job. Now that my schedule has been cleared I will be focusing a lot more energy into my blog & instead of posting every other day as before, I will be posting 6 days a week. At this point it will be one post for each of those days, until I get into the swing of that hustle, it’s possible that there will be multiple posts in a day in the future, but this is what I can guarantee for now.

Mending Broken Heart

I appreciate you, my lovely readers, for taking part in this point of transition in my life. As always my heart is with you all. ❤


Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award :D

I want to thank Grace of Color and Grace for her nomination. She has a wonderful blog I think everyone should be reading. I’m so very grateful to have been selected for The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! 😀


The rules are:
1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.
3. Nominate ten other bloggers.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them on their nomination.

1. If you could only visit one foreign country which would it be?

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with Australia & while travel doesn’t really appeal to me now I  suppose that would be my selection.

2. What behavior from other people in the restaurant where you’re eating drives you crazy?

I don’t care for people being excessively loud & obnoxious when I am trying to have a meal with someone.

3. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

You wouldn’t think this would be the hardest question, but in a way it is. I don’t really have any glamorous accomplishments, but I really enjoy working with my little sister, nieces & nephew with their homework. Some of their school projects have turned out very well & are a real source of pride. 🙂

4. What person from history would you most like to meet?

Gosh, there have been so many great people throughout history, it’s so hard to decide. Maybe Nickola Tesla, as there are many things I would like clarified.

5. Where is your dream vacation destination?

I get lost so easily that I do not actually enjoy traveling. I do love to thumb through pictures of beautiful places all over the world. There is a nearby forest that I enjoy camping in, though I haven’t been for a long while I believe I would enjoy another excursion there. 🙂

6. What happened to make you decide to begin blogging?

A number of life changes occurred to inspire me to branch out into the wonderful world of blogging. The biggest was perhaps that I experienced a tragedy when a very close friend passed away & the fact that the same friend was a roommate also caused a huge reduction in household income, so I became even more motivated to promote my boutique. Subsequently my blog has expanded & while it hasn’t been especially profitable, yet, I believe that it has helped me restore structure to my life & grow personally.

7. What language do you wish you could speak?

All of them, communication is a powerful tool. At this time I only have a few words in several different languages, but I would enjoy being a linguist. Reading other languages would also be epic.

8. Which super power do you want and why?

Well, Bruce Wayne’s money would be nice lol. I think I’d have to go with Wolverine’s epic regeneration.

9. You have to run out of your burning house (everyone is safe) and you can only grab one item, what?

Hmmm, good question, probably my computer. Of course that’s with the assumption that pets are included in everyone being safe. 😉

10. Every TV show gets cancelled except one. Which do you choose?

Holy crap! That would totally ruin my week lol. Having to choose only one I have to keep The Walking Dead.

I nominate:
1) Nerd Burger
2) Crazy Bat Lady
3) Bright Shiny Day
4) Dannielle Hunt Photography
5) Evie Dylan
6) By Castello
7) Dawn Hill Designs
8) One and the same
9) Arizona Girl
10) Eclectic Feel

My questions:
1) What inspires you the most?
2) Who is your favorite author?
3) What inspired you to start blogging?
4) What are your favorite series? (TV, comics, etc)
5) Do you have a favorite movie? If so, what is it?
6) Do you game? If so, what’s your favorite?
7) Who are your role models? (all answers are acceptable; family, fictional characters, famous people, ect)
8) What are your aspirations?
9) Do you have a hobby? (I enjoy crochet 🙂 )
10) What’s a little know fact about you? (of course one you don’t mind sharing with the internet)

While I follow all of your blogs & will be reading your responses I think having a link to your post in the comments will add symmetry, should you decide to accept my nomination. 😀

Blog Facelift


I’m sure you have noticed that there have been some visual changes to the blog. Now that I have a few months of blogging under my belt I decided that it was about time that I made myself at home & add a little personal style to my posts.

It took me a week to find a balance between style & functionality that appealed to me. Then a few more hours spent playing with the final overall look until I was satisfied with the changes.

Hope you, my beloved readers, like the change or at the very least don’t dislike it. 😀 I’m growing as a blogger & felt it was a little passed due that my page reflect more of myself. Time to get fully immersed now that I’ve gotten my feet wet.

This is turning out to be not much of a post, lol. Just wanted to touch base with my lovely readers after the sweeping changes to my blog. ❤

Keeping Up the Pace

Every day seems so hectic as I research & prepare my for each week of posts, in addition to my daily & weekly promotion of my boutique. Not only do I have to write each post but then I fill endless hours with trying to attract new readers across social platforms, while keeping an eye open for other methods. I am rather pleasantly surprised I have managed to stay on top of my schedule.

In order to maintain this pace I have to prioritize my daily goals & organize them into a daily to-do list. While this strategy may seem a little rigid it’s actually quite flexible as each moment of my day is not strictly regulated, so as things come up the flow of my day is not disrupted. Accomplishing the highest priority items on the list are where my energies are focused into first.

Meditation is a must to keep my mind sharp & centered on the task at hand. I spend 20 minutes a day at this, 10 shortly after I wake & another 10 about midday. I try not to meditate too close to sleepy time as it can increase the instances of insomnia by its restful & almost nap-like features & I have enough trouble with that on my own. lol

When things decide to spiral out of control for a day the most important thing of all is to not panic. Nothing ever gets better while I freak out, so it’s best to remain calm, no matter what life has chosen to throw at me at the moment. Sometimes you just have to let the day flow the way it wants to rather than force your own will onto it.

I am so grateful that you, my lovely readers, have taken a moment out of your, no doubt, equally busy day to commiserate with me at this time. 😉


I’m sure those of you that have been following my blog for its, so far, short life have noticed that my posts have changed a bit. Originally when I began this blog it was more about attracting new customers & informing existing clients. I have become less focused on my jewelry boutique & have even broadened the scope of my jewelry promotions to include other shops.

While trying to maintain perspective, I feel that I am growing as both a blogger & a person. After the Valentine season I will probably  give my blog a bit of a face lift too, maybe use a less rigid template. I’m sure that you, my beloved readers, can understand a need to grow & change, to move beyond prior limitations.

This isn’t really a lengthy post, or a very graphical one, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about what’s been going on these past couple of weeks. Previously I alternated between ensemble or item showcases & a more business oriented post. I’m sure I will have other business & organization posts in the future, but for now I am mostly sticking with the ensembles, accessories & the occasional decor post (which is a very new type of post to my otherwise very new blog).

While I might not be as communicative inside my postings, I assure you it is not an act of laziness. It takes me a long time to put together each post, sometimes I even run days passed my deadlines. I realize you don’t really see that, considering that I have maintained my every other day content (though one post wordpress decided that I posted 2 days before I did… which confuses me, being somewhat chronologically unstuck anyway…).

Anyway, I have nothing but love for my faithful readers. Feel free to leave comments, I try to respond to everyone. ❤

Liebster Award


I would like to take a moment to thank Zwee_v for nominating me. Thank you very much!!! It can be hard being new to the blog scene to get a handle on things & I appreciate this opportunity to participate in the larger community.

Continuing the tradition, the rules are:

1) Link the person who nominated you
2) Answer their 11 questions
3) Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers
4) Dream up 11 questions for them
5) Notify your nominees via their social media or blogs

My Q&A from Zwee_v:

1) Why do you blog?

Being perfectly honest I initially started this blog to promote my jewelry boutique. I’ve always been something of a writer though for most mediums I am considered overly concise & blogging just feels right.

2) Would you ever have plastic surgery?

Nope, because nope.

3) Night in or night out? Describe your ideal of either one.

Night in actually. Nothing better than chilling with my man, a bowl of popcorn & some movies.

4) Dream holiday destination?

Well, I’m both chronologically & spatially confused; I get lost very, very easily in unfamiliar settings so I’m a bit phobic of traveling from my comfort zone.

5) What would you do if you won £1 million?

First, I would faint, lol. When I finally came around I would do my best to come up with a responsible plan to help my family, give back to my community & try to grow what remains to a nice retirement cushion. 😉

6) Do you prefer hair up or hair down? Give an example for your answer.

Hmmmm, sometimes I like it down & other times I like it up. I do have a lot of hair so I always put it up when it’s hot, to avoid the blanket effect on the back of my neck, lol. When I put it up I like to get a bit creative with it, sometimes I pull it into a pony on the top of my head & braid it. That method was inspired by a style I saw Uhura wearing in an episode or 2 of the original Star Trek series, though I lack the length to pull it off as wondrously as she did. Yes, I’m a nerd like that, lol.

7) Any celeb icons?

The coolest one I happen to be looking at whenever I may be asked this question! I find inspiration everywhere 😀

8) List 3 of your favorite food/drinks.

Coffee, anything made from potato (not the sweet ones, I only like them in pie lol) & mildly sweetened good ‘ole southern ice tea with lemon.

9) Did you make any New Year resolutions?

Yes, I’m trying to be more active for my nerd lifestyle has me on my computer most of the time. So far I am making great strides unplugging & getting in some exercise. 😉

10) Fav makeup brand? Why?

I don’t really wear much makeup. I like a good scrub, an occasional mask, moisturizers & Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. My scrubs, masks & moisturizer brands vary as I have never fully settled on them specifically. Other than that I use makeup for cosplay & Halloween, which is more about getting the right colors than a brand. 😀

11) Dream job?

I enjoy what I’m doing now, selling jewelry & the more recent addition of blogging. I suppose the only job I would love more is playing video games for a living, lol.

My nominations:
1) Style Juicer
2) The Style Chronicles
3) Beauty Blunders and Other Wonders
4) Mermaid Waves
5) Style Rhapsody
6) Style High Street
7) Style Lab
8) Fashion’s Playground
9) Cosplay Blog… With a Brain
10) Glamour Duchess
11) Glamour & Geekery

My questions:
1) Why did you start blogging?
2) Do you have a fave fashion line?
3) What’s your favorite movie?
4) What’s your fave retro look?
5) Who is your favorite author?
6) What’s your fave game?
7) What trends impress you the most?
8) Who are you biggest influences? (in anything)
9) What are your 3 favorite shows?
10) What kind of jewelry do you enjoy most?
11) Dreams for the future?

It’s been great writing this & I hope everyone I’ve nominated also enjoys it 😉 It can be a bit challenging to find 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers, I had to change several of my nominees a several times as others beat me to the punch 😀