My old about page left something to be desired, so I felt the need to update it. First let me start by fully introducing myself, my name is Corin Shannon Liberty Price, my family has always called me Shannon, so I do not generally go by Corin. My internet name, which dates back to the late years of the BBS days, is Orbb. If you know what the BBS days are, then like myself you have been a nerd for a long time, LOL. I have a great love for jewelry, which I’ve had pretty much all my life. I’m something of a late bloomer into all things fashion, but my fervor for the topic is no less intense. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a total nerd with a passion for gaming, LARPing & cosplay. Occasionally I am inspired to write about things that don’t so directly relate to my usual topics of jewelry & fashion. I post at least twice a week, it’s been difficult to do more than that working 40 hours a week & my 10 hour a week volunteer position. Starting August 3rd there will be 3 posts a week, look for the new series. 😉 I try to follow back & once I do you will find that I am a devoted reader, I don’t always comment but I do always read!

Lots of love ❤

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice blog!
    I see you sell Kitsy Lane. It was actually my involvement with Kitsy Lane that inspired me to open my own fashion bracelet boutique, My Arm Charms. My boutique was called Add-Ons.
    I need to get a blog to drive traffic to http://www.myarmcharms.com, but I just have no idea what I would talk about! LOL

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    • Thank you 🙂 & that’s pretty awesome! You have a lovely selection at your shop. I’m pretty sure you could blog 😉 you could talk about specific pieces, coordinate them with outfits, rank them & so much more! You’re clearly a very creative person 😉


  2. Jewelry makes every outfit complete 😉
    Looking forward to browsing your blog more! Found you through the Dream Big Community! I invite you to follow my blogging journey with me<3

    Keep on blogging!!

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  3. Thank you very much for hosting my logo on your blog! I really appreciate you doing that! 🙂

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