Fantastical Friday: My Mommy

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, which I’m sure you all knew & I thought it might be nice to share with you what I got for my mommy this year. I have nothing but respect, admiration & love for my mother. Growing up we were always been poor & I mostly remember good times, we never went hungry & we were all pretty happy. I even remember getting a lot more at Christmas time than I see my youngest sister, nieces & nephews getting (not sure why or how it worked out that way, but somehow that is the case). Mom was mostly alone to raise us & there are 7 of us, so you can imagine how challenging it must have been for her. My mother is amazing, always a loving, supportive figure, who can give you a swift kick in the pants when you need it most. So I thought I would get her something she is likely to use, unlike last year’s disaster (I got her a handbag, but it so wasn’t her style, I mean it looked fine, but the arrangement of pockets just doesn’t work for her) & this year I got her a cross. I found this little pretty at Walmart.

FF01Connections from Hallmark Stainless Steel Cross Pendant ($13)

The chain wasn’t long enough to suit her though, so I ended up ordering a longer chain, which came in a few days after Mother’s Day. This gift went over very well, so I actually managed to get her special day right this year, LOL. I hope you succeeded at making your mom feel special this year as well. 😉

FF02Sterling Silver Long Link Curb Chain Necklaces & Bracelets 1.5mm Nickel Free Italy, Sizes 7 – 30 inch ($9.49 – 14.03: price varies based on length) USA, LLC

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