Magnificent Monday: Barbara Hershey

Magnificent Monday

This amazing actress caught my eye in many different movies & shows from horror to drama. The Right Stuff & The Entity were, perhaps, my earliest experiences of her work. Barbara actually began acting when she was 17, in 1965 & since that time she has accumulated numerous awards & nominations for her work. Her career did take a bit of a nosedive during the 6 year period that she was dating David Carradine, during which time she changed her name (briefly) & had a child. It’s also interesting to note that she was heavily criticized for the highly stigmatized act of breastfeeding her son on The Dick Cavett Show, because feeding babies is so unnatural it should only ever be done in the privacy of one’s own home (I haven’t actually seen any footage, so I don’t really know if she was trying to be ‘in your face’ with it, or if it was simply that her baby cried for food & she took care of motherly business). I was a little surprised after several hours of research to find that she has no noted charitable activities, which doesn’t mean that there is nothing she contributes to, as it could easily indicate that she does what she can quietly rather than highly publicly as some do.

Barbara Hershey(Pics courtesy of Google image search)

Her jewelry selection is frequently very conservative, though she always seems to be wearing some lovely earrings. Most of today’s inspired wishlist are delicate ear adornments, but there are a few simple necklaces that are very similar to the one or two I have seen her wear. These selections were found on Amazon, which has a spectacular collection of pieces suitable for a wide array of occasions. 😉

Hershey Inspired1) Leslie Danzis Gold-Tone Delicate Shoulder Duster Earrings ($10)
2) 18k Yellow Gold and Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Diamond-Accent Floral Dangle Earrings ($17.76)
3) Signature 1928 “Collection” Silver-Tone Crystal Vine Drop Earrings ($20)
4) Chokushop Delicate Zirconia style earrings18K Gold plated Retail fashion Jewelry White Crystal Drop Earrings ($21.60)
5) SBLING Platinum-Plated Silver Cubic Zirconia Tear Drop Earrings ($21.99)
6) GDSTAR earring Delicate hollow-out ShanZuan crystal camellia ($21.99)
7) Rose Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Quatrefoil Pendant Necklace ($20.20)
8) Happiness Boutique Women Minimalist Rose Gold Pendant Necklace | Delicate Chain with Heart Pendant ($20.90)
9) Circle Necklace Rose Gold | Minimalist Necklace Round Charm Delicate Jewelry ($21.90)

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