Fantastical Friday: Nerdy DIY Thoughts

Fantastical Friday

In the course of fleshing out a character for a LARP expedition or prepping a cosplay idea for a convention it’s incredibly obvious that you or someone you are paying is going to have to produce the items you require. While I will not be doing a DIY today I am exploring some thoughts for LARP characters, as I roleplay far more frequently than I cosplay. I was wandering about on Panda Hall‘s site because I enjoy their wide variety of items more specifically meant for creating jewelry & other fantastical pieces. 😉 The second item in this listing will require a bit more effort should you choose to make jewelry or item embellishments (like for a bag, belt, etc) from them as they do not come with pre-drilled holes & are not readily in a setting (depending on your needs), but they still look like fun tokens for various enchantments or character history reminders. I’m especially fond of #3 as potions are so very handy for game play & they are nice & small to render them near at hand for use (like on a necklace, bracelet, hooked to a belt, etc). This particular site is also nice for their wholesale sets, so if your friends like what you did you can make them something similar too, or sell your concocted items to other enthusiasts. 😉

DIY Ideas1) Natural Crystal Pointed Pendants, with Platinum Tone Brass Wire ($1.96/2pc)
2) Arrow Head Dyed Natural Agate Cabochons, Mixed Color ($6.15/5pc)
3) Mini Cute Small Cork Stopper Glass Jar Glass Bottles, Decorative Storage Pendants ($10.19/200pc)
4) Stainless Steel Wing Pendants ($10.76/50pc)
5) Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants, Lead Free, Unicorn, Antique Silver ($15.37/about 650pc)
6) Dragon Alloy Acrylic Big Pendants, Antique Golden ($16.14/50pc)
7) Tibetan Style Pendant, Lead Free & Cadmium Free & Nickel Free, Oak Leaf, Antique Silver ($16.14/1,500pc)
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