Magnificent Monday: Mia Farrow

Magnificent Monday

This lovely actress began her career in the 60s & while Mia has not been as prolific as many of the women I have honored on Monday, she has made a noticeable impact with the roles she has chosen to grace the screen with, as her numerous awards speak volumes. I believe that I first noticed her as a voice actress when she voiced Amalthea in The Last Unicorn which came out in my early childhood. Being a major horror movie buff, Farrow really hit my radar in Rosemary’s Baby & yes, I am aware that it came out before the movie I mentioned prior, but no one shows a toddler such films so it’s natural that I saw The Last Unicorn first, lol. Like so many stars she is a champion of many causes, especially those that help children & the suffering. A powerfully maternal figure she has been mother to 14, though only 11 are still with us today it does paint a picture of a woman who is very committed to bettering the lives of the young.

Mia Farrow(Pics courtesy of Google image search)

Her jewelry selection is often spartan, but when she chooses to so accessorize it tends to be simple & elegant. I found a few beautiful pieces that, for the most part, fit that general description at TB Dress. As always when I present a list from this particular site, I always show full price, though I assure you, there is always a sale & this will not be the price that you pay, best to be pleasantly surprised. 😉

Farrow Inspired1) Manual Metal Multilayer Pearl Necklace ($15)
2) Three Layers Artificial Pearls Long Necklace ($16)
3) Stereoscopic Rectangle Pendant Long Alloy Necklace ($13)
4) Fashion Pledge Love Rhinestone Pendant Women’s Earrings ($19)
5) Multilayer Leather Rope Ethnic Style Beaded Bracelet ($14)
6) Full Rhinestone Spherical Shiny Earrings ($16)
7) Asymmetric Metal Circle and Ball Design Earrings ($12)
8) Double Pearls Design Diamante Earrings ($11)
9) Silver Rose Pendant Earrings ($15)

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