Magnificent Monday: Susan Sarandon

Magnificent Monday

The ever lovely Susan Sarandon has been entertaining us on the screen since 1970 & on Broadway since ’72. In her long illustrious career she has won numerous awards & accolades. She has also championed many causes, mostly of the social & economic justice variety. Yes, she’s generally a bleeding heart liberal (not that I find that to be a terrible thing, or in some cases an incredible thing), who has more recently come under fire on twitter for for saying (paraphrasing likely here) that Trump isn’t that bad. I don’t normally mention politics here, as mostly it’s dirty & exhausting, but I thought her recent experience was a bit funny. Getting back to the business of this post, I first came to know of Sarandon by way of Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, if you haven’t noticed that I’m a bit off/weird then you haven’t been paying attention, LOL.

Susan Sarandon(Pics courtesy of Google image search)

Her style is distinctly feminine & often conservative, though she sure doesn’t shy away from displaying her curves when she has a mind to. I’ve noticed a particular fondness for, somewhat, simple necklaces & she has occasion to brandish wrist adornment as well. So I chose to focus on these attributes when compiling today’s inspired wishlist & I found all of these lovelies at Target (some are on clearance & won’t be around very much longer).

Sarandon Inspired1) Bangle Bracelet Set ($4.99)
2) Women’s Metal Cluster Neck with Feather ($7.48)
3) Women’s Necklace Pendant with Double Teardrop Castings and Stone ($8.48)
4) Women’s Bracelet Set with Mixed Beads, Braided Cord with Flower Charm ($9.99)
5) Women’s Necklace with Feather Pendant Cluster ($12.99)
6) Women’s Long Pendant Necklace with Stones ($12.99)
7) Sterling Silver ‘Be the change you want to see’ Butterfly Necklace ($12.99)
8) Women’s Bracelet Multi Strand Faux Leather Snap Bracelet with Stone & Metal ($12.99)
9) Women’s Gold Collar Necklace with Cutout Coin ($14.99)

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