Magnificent Monday: Shakira

Magnificent Monday

This stylish icon has been around for a while, but how much do you really know about her? She comes from a large family with 8 older siblings, while they do come from her father’s previous marriage I loath to use the term “half sibling” (I too come from a large family & while we do not all share the same father, they are wholly my siblings). An early starter, she wrote her first poem at the age of 4, showing herself to be a prodigy. Shakira’s career began when she was an early teen, 2 albums (Magia & Peligro) were released during that time, but have since been (using comic book terminology here) retconned out of her current cannon. She has gone on to become a huge international success, with just one example, her song Hips Don’t Lie hit number 1 status in 55 countries! Her beauty, talent & generosity are really the stuff of legend. Giving to numerous charities that cover a wide variety of causes, her chief crusade centers on the well being & future of children & she is the founder of Pies Descalzos (which works with schools to improve conditions, scholastics, nutrition & community support for the children of Colombia).

Shakira(Pics courtesy of Google image search)

Her style & presentation is glamorous, though often spartan where jewelry is concerned. She does enjoy her dangle earrings, with occasional other bits, like rings & bracelets & sporadic statement pieces. Naturally, I took some inspiration from her fashion sense & found some jewelry picks that are reminiscent of her style without outright copying it. This time I found my wishlist at Walmart & I believe they have some rather lovely treasures at this time. ❤

Shakira Inspired1) Tazza Women’s Silver Teardrop Crysal Earrings ($4.80)
2) Diamond Accent Rhodium Over Brass Marquise Shape Fashion Earring ($10)
3) Pori Jewelers Sterling Silver Drop Earrings ($10.76)
4) Sterling Silver Geometric Triangle Eurowire Drop Earrings ($10.77)
5) Roman High-polished Silvertone Metal Filigree Dangle Earrings ($12.79)
6) Gold Plated Pink Leather Medallion Chain Drop Statement Necklace ($13.37)
7) Pori Jewelers Sterling Silver Swirl 8mm Ball Drop Earrings ($13.51)
8) Sterling Silver Statement Necklace with Swarovski Crystals ($24.88)
9) Tazza Antique Gold-Tone Chain Red/Pink Multi-Stone Fashion Bib Statement Necklace ($30) USA, LLC

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