Magnificent Monday: Vanity

Magnificent Monday

Denise Katrina Matthews was another great lost to the infamous 2016, she was a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress & model. Her stage name came from the group she was in, Vanity 6, but as is the case with some, the rockstar life lead her into the world of drugs. As a result of her profound addiction & an overdose, she went into renal failure in the mid ’90s. Having survived that near death experience she cleaned up her act & shed her Vanity persona to become an Evangelist. I have to respect anyone who managed to pull themselves from the brink with their faith & stay true to that path until the end.

vanity(Pics courtesy of Google image search)

Though she’s been out of the limelight for quite a while, the period of time in which she was performing is where I draw chief inspiration, as that was how I was influenced by her at a young age. I was a little disappointed with some of the places I searched with a mind for this wishlist, I did eventually find a few lovelies that remind me of her style. Each item in today’s selections were found at, where you can find almost anything you’re looking for. 😉

vanity-inspired1) Drop and Dangle Wooden Earrings ($7.95)
2) Ancient Gold Silver Bohemia Large Disc Hollow Flower Waterfall Tassel Dance Drop Earring ($8.19)
3) Fashion Jewelry Green Crystal Acrylic Choker Statement Collar Pendant Necklace ($11.80)
4) Yozone Tassel Necklace Fashion Jewelry Multilevel Gold Silver Black Color Chain Necklace Shorts Women ($13.98)
5) Blue Clavicle Chain Explosion Models Exaggeration Fashion Retro False Collar Necklace ($16.99)
6) Women’s 316L Stainless Steel Small Simple Glossy Cross Silver Pendant Necklace with 16 Inches Chain ($16.99)
7) Sterling Silver Polished Circle Drop French Wire Earrings ($19)
8) Sterling Silver Angel Wing Drop Earrings ($19)
9) Robert Lee Morris “Armored Architecture” Hammered Texture Large Teardrop Earrings ($38)

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