Fantastical Friday: A Fantastical Wishlist

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

Still struggling with computer issues (yeah, I know, this was supposed to be solved) my posts have been a little last minute lately, due to the continuing issues. So I decided to keep today’s post fairly light, especially with the difficulties with having time to shop about, put together the pics & figure out what I might write about. šŸ˜› Hopefully the technical issues I’ve been subjected to are at an end, but we’ll see how things work out. Anyway, trying to cheer myself up under the circumstances I went browsing around Amazon, mostly looking at jewelry items of a fantastical nature, the sort of thing I especially enjoy. šŸ˜‰ Naturally, I compiled a little wishlist from the results. šŸ˜€

fantastical-baubles1) Mystical Dragon Claw Holding Crystal Ball Medieval Renaissance Pendant Necklace ($7.99)
2) Steampunk Fairy Magical Fairy Glow in the Dark Necklace-aqua-sil by UmbrellaLaboratory ($9.99)
3) Masada Jewelry, Forget Me Not II, Fairy Fantasy, Pendant Necklace ($10)
4) Blue Wing Dragon Pendant Necklace ($10.59)
5) Steampunk FIRE necklace – pendant charm locket jewelry ($14.99)
6) Celtic Triquetra Tinity Knot Silver Pendant Light Purple Stone ($14.99)
7) SDLM Attractive Leaf Pendant Jewelry Shining CZ Collar Bib Necklace Drop Earring Set ($15.58)
8) Blue Fairy Full Moon Necklace Pendant by Shawna Erback in Antique Copper Finish ($18)
9) Phoenix Firebird Necklace Handmade Fantasy Art Pendant Jewelry ($26)

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