Fantastical Friday:In World Cosplay

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. SmallWorlds avatar. There are unique challenges to cosplay in that particular world, as you are restricted to available clothing & wear options, so imagination is necessary to make it work. I have a few personal quirks too, there are things about my avatar I never change, so my skin tone & whatnot does not always align  with the expectations of a particular character. I do frequently change my hair, hair color & makeup options to suit a specific role. Within these restrictions I have put together a Thor, based on the current female Thor of the comics. I have 2 images, the first shows the costuming more clearly & the second features the lightning fragrance, which obscures the costume a bit, but adds an effect to the whole thing. There is only 1 red cape, that isn’t a rare I do not own, but it would be unsuitable anyway, having a lightning bolt on the back (the rare has a beta symbol, also rendering it very not right). With the cape issue I decided to use a scarf to hint at the borders of a cape around my neckline. Naturally, numerous other compromises had to be made, but overall I am very satisfied with the final outcome. Originally, I had planned to take screenshots of the various component pieces, but with the holiday & work I’m running super short on time to compile the images, so I’m just sticking with the completed ensembles.

thor01Always On:
Moda Diamond Ring
Fringe Roses Half-Sleeve Tattoo
Fringe Butterfly Back Tattoo


Helmet of Acheron
Apex Snood Scarf
Fringe Short-sleeved Shirt
Play Fantasy Chest Armor
Punk Belt
Fringe Skinny Leather Pants
Apex Fur Collar Boots
Play Fantasy Battle Hammer

Play Lightning Fragrance


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