Magnificent Monday: Janet Jackson

Magnificent Monday

The marvelous Janet Jackson, youngest of the iconic troupe, has cultivated a long & successful career. I’m not sure why so many turned against her for against her after the Superbowl incident that led to a corporate boycott of her work for many years. I can’t help but note she wasn’t the person who ripped the costume, but she was the one who took 100% of the blame, which says quite a lot about a gender bias within our culture. Really the only message I get from this is, it’s okay if a man rips my clothes, but it’s my fault if I am exposed, even for a tiny fraction of a second. Despite being a woman, I do not encounter a lot of sexism, I mean there are always those people who feel a certain way, but in all honesty, they are usually easily manipulated to my advantage, but this sort of thing is a slap in the face. Enough dwelling on the negative bs the media loves to heap on us, let’s instead take a sec to talk about some of her charitable work. She’s raised money for Project Angel Food, restoration of iconic works at the Louvre, also promoted UNICEF & AIDS research, all of which only really scratches at the surface of her giving nature.

janet-jackson(Pics courtesy of Google image search)

Janet doesn’t always choose to wear jewelry, but often when she does it’s really stacked on & ultimately dramatic in presentation. I’m really fond of the the many looks she’s pulled off with layer on layer of boho treasures. Today’s wish list comes to us from Jolly Chic, who often (but not always) have a beautiful collection of jewelry pieces that can be easily mixed & matched to achieve a variety of style effects. These are a few of my favorites that fit with today’s honored lady. 😉

j-jackson-inspired1) Adjustable Open Retro Carved Boho Style Bangle ($2.99)
2) Boho Style Adjustable Created Turquoise Bangle ($4.99)
3) Ethnic Retro Style Hand Chain Drawstring Metal Leaf Decoration Bracelet ($5.99)
4) Women’s Bracelet Vintage Stylish Special Design Multilayer Wristband ($5.99)
5) Versatile Retro Alloy Pendant Necklace ($7.99)
6) Tribal Ethnic Style Retro Drop Tassel Long Necklace ($8.99)
7) Rhinestone Pendant Retro Womens Necklace ($11.99)
8) Charming Ball Pendant Tassel Women’s Necklace ($13.99)
9) Two Pieces Imitation Pearls Earrings Set ($15.99)

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