Magnificent Monday: Judith O’Dea

Magnificent Monday

Well, Halloween is finally here! So I thought it would be nice to honor a star of one of my all time favorite movies. Judith played Barbara in Night of the Living Dead, an amazing picture that’s still has a massive creepy factor to this day. I’ve seen it like a bajillion times, it’s my go to movie during net downtime & I even keep a copy on my phone (shockingly, it’s public domain), because you just never know when you might need to kill a little over an hour watching all the characters die. I should really focus more on the woman being honored, but I have to mention a noteworthy point about Night of the Living Dead, the character that lives until the end of the movie is African American. He’s also one of the take charge characters & the idiot that keeps trying to take over never once uses his ethnicity as a reason. Realizing that is pretty amazing considering the movie was made in 1968. O’Dea’s character wasn’t particularly strong, but then she had just witnessed the death of her brother, the world was ending & the whole movie takes place in less than 16 hours of the character’s life.


Judith, she always looks so sophisticated & she seems to enjoy simple chains. Of course, her style is not limited to chains, but there is something so elegant & classic about them I decided to focus on them exclusively for today’s showcase. Everything in today’s list was found while browsing Amazon.

odea-inspired1) Curb 120-4.5MM .925 Italian Link Chain ($20.17)
2) 5mm Rhodium Plated Rounded Figaro Link Chain ($20.99)
3) Three Tone Cuban Link Chain Statement Necklace ($21)
4) 6mm Rhodium Plated Mariner Link Chain ($23.99)
5) 9mm Rhodium Plated Concave Cuban Link Curb Chain ($31.49)
6) 7.5mm 14k Gold Plated Beveled Figaro Link Chain (32.99)
7) 9mm Rhodium Plated Herringbone Chain ($32.99)
8) 9mm 14k Gold Plated Double Cuban Link Curb Chain ($33.92)
9) 6mm 14k Gold Plated Concave Cuban Link Curb Chain ($38.15)

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