Magnificent Monday: Elvira

Magnificent Monday

Behold, the beautiful mistress of the dark! Cassandra Peterson, the Queen of Halloween, created the character of Elvira in 1981, the first episode of Movie Macabre airing in late September of that year. It’s almost hard to believe the show began in L.A. When I was a child we lived in a reconditioned older house that had been made into a duplex, the basement was on our side & it was set up something like another living room. You might be tempted to ask me how that’s relevant in any way, but stick with me for a sec & it will become clear, lol. I would sneak down there at night to watch Movie Macabre, not because I wasn’t allowed to watch, but because it was so late, I wasn’t supposed to be up. I tried to research all across the net exactly when her show became syndicated, but the information does not seem to be available, so I gave up after several hours. I was trying to pinpoint when in time I might have been slipping down into the basement to, half asleep, watch the most epic horror movie hostess of all time. After giving up on the internet answering my question, I asked my mom when we lived in that house (there was only one place with a living room setup in the basement, lol) & she said it was probably the winter of 85/86. That’s probably not when it was syndicated, but when I really noticed her & just in case you’re wondering, I was 5. Wow, that was so long ago & we were living in Missouri back then. A few years back I started playing Smallworlds (you may or may not know that’s my virtual world of choice) & I noticed there was a staff avatar with the name Elvira Smallworlds. I later met that staff memeber, who is from New Zealand & she named that avatar in honor of her favorite horror hostess, who she watched growing up. I can’t help but wonder how old that staff member is & when Elvira became internationally syndicated, but the fact that she is beloved worldwide warms my heart.

elvira(Pics courtesy of Google image search)

She recently released a book (you can see a copy in one of the pics above) with more than 350 pictures, a lot of previously unreleased photos & original commentary. You can find the book here (not affiliated with the publisher, I just love Elvira), it’s $44.95 for just the book & 89.95 for a signed copy. Through the decades she has worn a variety of gothic jewelry pieces & while I have made some selections based on that I’ve also just gone with my own goth heart on this little wishlist from Amazon. You’ll notice that 8 isn’t even jewelry, just a cool jewelry (or other item) holder & well, I like it, lol.

elvira-inspired1) 1Pcs Fashion Retro Multi-layer Chains Pendant Black Cross Metal Long Necklace ($3.90)
2) 1 X Cosplay Dangan Ronpa Super Danganronpa 2 Gothic Celestia Punk Finger Bone Ring ($6.44)
3) JOVIVI Punk Pu Leather Skull Design Bracelet Wristband Adjustable Size 7 to 8 Inches Include a Gift Pouch ($8.69)
4) Black Gothic Victorian Cross Necklace Deathrock Vampire ($11.18)
5) Bystar Retro Punk Rock Multi Circle Rivet Chain 4-Color Genuine Leather Creative Wrap Punk Bracelet ($12.99)
6) Elvira Dagger Earrings Red Stones Halloween Horror Jewelry Kreepsville Gothic ($19.99)
7) Large Black Bat Necklace Elvira Gothic Necklace Mistress of the Dark Vampire Jewelry Halloween Necklace ($22)
8) Spooky Skeleton Hands Jewelry Stand with Tray Display Rack and Red Roses ($24.95)
9) EVER FAITH® Black-Tone Austrian Crystal Gothic Style Skull Bat Necklace Earrings Set Black ($42.99)

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