Fantastical Friday: Mom’s B-day

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

So this week is a little different. My mother’s birthday is October 4th & thought it might be cool to talk about my process of finding the right gifts for people. First, it’s important to know the people we buy for, I mean really know what they like. In the case of my mother, she loves dinosaurs. Documentaries, movies, etc, if it’s about the dinos it was made for her, LOL. She doesn’t like comforters, so getting her a dinosaur comforter is out of the question despite the change in weather around her big day. On the other hand, I know she doesn’t get out to the theaters, like ever, so she didn’t go see Jurassic World. I haven’t seen it either, which is really unimportant to this discussion, but she is totally in love with the series, so getting her a copy is the perfect solution to the gift problem. She doesn’t have a blu ray, but she does have a DVD player. With all of this in mind, I went to the local Walmart, searched around & managed to uncover a couple of copies on DVD. Couldn’t get it online because she would see the package in the mail & ask about it, LOL. Mom doesn’t read my blog on any kind of regular basis, being a daily mail addict, working 5 days a week, still having one teenage child & numerous local grandchildren, she really has limited personal time to find spoilers on the internet (side note: she doesn’t have facebook, twitter or G+ which covers all of the major social sites I promote my blog on, LOL).

moms-presentJurassic World ($12.96) USA, LLC

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