Magnificent Monday: Nina Simone

Magnificent Monday

The late, great Nina Simone with her mesmerizing stage presence, amazing voice & accomplished piano work made some very interesting marks in history. Her family did not agree with her choice to play “the Devil’s music” which led to her changing her name from Eunice Kathleen Waymon to her more famously known name. In her younger years she was denied entry to the Curtis Institute of Music after an audition that went very well, which led her to believe it was racially motivated (the school denies this & had previously admitted students of African American heritage, but one also has to consider the time frame, for it may still have been a factor). They did give her an honorary degree days before she passed from this world, which seems like an awful long time for them to wait for such a thing when she auditioned in 1951 & received the later honor in 2003. It is also to be noted that Nina was known for her violent temper, which probably had to do with a variety of factors, such as her bipolar diagnosis in 1980 (which meant she was undiagnosed & untreated throughout most of her life) & of course the racial abuse suffered by all persons of color in her formative years. While she was a civil rights activist she advocated a more violent approach to the problem at hand, which I believe also related to her bipolar condition & temper. Later in her autobiography she mentioned that her & her family had considered people of all colors to be equal, some may find it difficult to believe with her militant hard line during the civil rights movement, but I find it to be believable that she & many others would be angry enough & fed up enough to think of violence as the only solution left to try without considering others lesser due to their color. There you have it, she was a complicated person who led an interesting life & left us with a spectacular legacy.

Nina Simone(Photos courtesy of Google image search)

As to her style & it’s evolution through the years I notice that she liked to make a statement with her brazen necklaces & bold earring choices. While some of this was toned down more in her later years it never really disappeared. So I put together a little wishlist of some flamboyant pieces I found while browsing about Jolly Chic that reminded me of her elegance. 😉

Simone Inspired1) Brief Multi Layer Exaggerate Necklace ($2.99)
2) Retro Stylish Gemstone Women Necklace ($3.99)
3) Vintage Metallic Chain Characteristic Women’s Necklace ($3.99)
4) Brief Design Multi Layers Colorful Alloy Long Necklace ($3.99)
5) Retro Design Vivid Coin Pendant Short Necklace ($6.99)
6) Tassels Rhinestone Vintage Necklace ($7.99)
7) Exaggerate Retro Alloy Hollow Out Vivid Moon Shape Earrings ($3.99)
8) Exclusive Design Hollow Out Rhombus Rhinestone Inlay Earrings ($4.99)
9) Rhinestone Rose Gold Plated Pendant Womens Earrings ($14.99)

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