Watermelon Wednesday: This & That

Watermelon Wednesday

When I was a a little girl I had a tendency to rebel against everything that was considered girlie, I honestly felt stifled by the expected role that many of the older members of my family & society at large had already decided for me. I hated that my beloved Grammy would give me dolls every Christmas, dolls I kept telling her I had zero interest in. Even when I became a teen & demanded a Guns ‘N Roses t-shirt for the holiday, she did send me one, but she also gave a copy of the same shirt, a Led Zeppelin & another cool band shirt I don’t at the moment recall to my older brother. He didn’t ask for them & in fact the 1 shirt I asked for was all that I received from her that year, not that I mind getting a single present, but why in the world would she not only gift the exact same item to my brother, but bestow upon him even more epic shirts as well. So, refusing to wear dresses, bows & ribbons for a long time seemed to cause a certain amount of unintended distancing between me & some of my loved ones. Some of this rebellion continues in me today, I like the look of some purses, but frequently I do not use them, from my teen years to now I have been a backpack girl. When I first started carrying a backpack with me everywhere there were none with a purse like design in existence, I wore out so many school style & small hiking backpacks which were never designed for continuous & constant use I can’t even tell you how much it cost me over time, LOL. As I began to come into my own as an adult the age of the backpack purse was just beginning, my first designed in this way was a gift from my father on my birthday. It was dark brown leather (probably faux) with beautiful stitch detailing. I loved that bag & it took me years to wear it out, unlike the inferior daily use ones that only lasted a few months of my tomboyish lifestyle. Despite being drawn to some more “traditional” bags I find them cumbersome & continue using the backpack style I have always favored. While at the moment I keep a black faux leather pack for work & a much more playful (also larger) bag for my personal time I do wish to continue collecting various styles that will complement my outfit choices differently over time. So today I found a beautiful bag that I quite like from Jolly Chic to highlight for you today. 😉 The description does indicate that it’s meant for school use, but the look of the product is more purse like in style & has a definite feminine flair.

WW03Fashion Drawstring Printing Canvas School Backpack

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