Fantastical Friday: Bet You Didn’t Know

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

Yup, it’s revelation time, you might find it surprising, or maybe not. I enjoy crochet, as well as other crafts, but crochet is more of a passion for me. I haven’t really had the time or supplies to do much with it in recent years, but there are so many projects I yearn to yarn (LOL). My old scarf is beginning to look a bit ratty & I would like to make a whole new series for the coming months, if I get a chance. It would also be nice to work with some of the higher quality yarns, that I have never actually worked with before. Of course there are the super fun projects I’ve been daydreaming about for a long time, like making a cute, cuddly, stuffed Cthulhu (you probably do know I’m a horror fan, by this point in our relationship, lol). Hopefully soonish I will be making an order to get some of the supplies I will be needed for the numerous projects I long to be working on in my not so copious free time. I have found a great place to find yarns of various qualities (though they do not seem to have crochet thread) & you might have noticed the small banner to the right (or maybe you’re viewing this on your phone, then I don’t know where it might be LOL) for Here are a few of the lovely colors that I found during my recent window shopping (after the wedding I will have more available resources & can share some of the cool things I work on with you), I’m sure you will also notice that the last item on the list is much more expensive than any of the others (would love to make some winter accessories from that particular color & quality).

Unknown Passion1) Red Heart Yarn Classic 686 PAddy Green ($1.98)
2) Bernat Satin Yarn Sultana ($2.98)
3) Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn (28342) Teal Twists ($2.98)
4) Bernat Satin Sparkle Yarn Amethyst ($2.98)
5) Bernat Satin Sparkle Yarn Platinum ($2.98)
6) Red Heart Yarn Boutique Fleecy 9931 Camo ($2.99)
7) Red Heart Super Saver Yarn 0303 Painted Desert ($3.28)
8) Red Heart Super Saver Yarn 981 Fall ($3.28)
9) Bernat Mega Bulky Yarn 88334 Purple ($8.98)

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