Watermelon Wednesday: Funny Story

Watermelon Wednesday

So I’ve been playing around with the idea of adding a new series to my week for a while. During the course of my brainstorming I thought it might be nice to do a simpler sort of post, just spotlighting a single item instead of the lists or outfit ideas I usually do. It seemed logical to title it Spotlight Wednesday, because Wednesday was the perfect day giving a more or less even dispersal of posts throughout the week. Well, my man, who manages the social media for both of my blogs (not my twitter, that’s all me & pinterest is mostly me, he only posts my blog pics as the posts are released) was a bit of a sounding board for me while I was working up to how I was going to manage the new segment. Since he is involved with the social media, I suppose he thinks he should get a say about what goes down with my blogs, so he says, “You can’t call it Spotlight Wednesday, that doesn’t fit the theme.” I was all wtf, yes it does, the title says what it’s about. Then he proceeded to point out that the other 2 days had words that began with the same letter as the day, that meant we had to find a word that began with a W that hopefully expressed something of what the segment would be about. Of course it didn’t end there, LOL, I noticed that not only would the word need to start with a W but in order to comply with the theme it should also have 3 syllables. (Insert hours of boring searching through numerous W words with 3 syllables & sometimes not so boring as many of the “possibilities” inspired huge bouts laughter) Needless, at this point, to say, there is no such word in the English language (sure, rub it in that we couldn’t find one in the comments if you must, having found such a word yourself, LOL). In the end, I decided that the word watermelon didn’t really summarize the point, but at least I like watermelon & maybe it would denote a sense of friendliness & approachable silliness in the title. So welcome to the first Watermelon Wednesday! 😀 Today I’ve chosen an item that goes with my story quite well & it was found on Amazon. You might be thinking that I showcase items from them quite frequently & yeah, I do, but I have a list of shops I work with & I will be working my way through that list in the order in which they appear, which is mostly the order in which I joined their programs & I will get ’round to every single shop I work with. 😉

WW01Pave Watermelon Necklace, with Gold Finish ($17.99)

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