Fantastical Friday: Halloween Wedding Thoughts

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

I’ve mentioned a few times in passing that I’m getting married (handfasted) on Halloween (Samhain), so I thought it was about time to include some of the planning & options we’re looking at. The whole thing will be a small affair with family & a few close friends who might as well be family. My mother has graciously agreed to let us use her home for the event & I’m sure I will be sharing many posts that are along the lines of decoration choices & what-nots. In this post I’m going to talk rings, cake toppers & the gift bags we’re considering.

Let’s begin: I have opted for a single ring for myself & feel the one selected is just awesomely perfect (pretty sure I’ve mentioned being a bit of a goth, who else gets married on Halloween anyway, LOL). His ring is not quite exactly what I wanted (who cares what he thinks anyway, LOL, seriously though, he likes it), since I couldn’t find a lovely band with purple stones to match my ring we went with black. They haven’t yet arrived but I am very excited to see them, also there may be a bit of a sizing concern we’ll have to deal with before the big day, because you never know. 😉 I know what you’re thinking, “your engaged, have even set a date & you have no rings,” well, in all honesty, I’m 35 & we have been engaged since I was 18, the ceremony was not a high priority. On the other hand we do have pendants we’ve been wearing for years that we purchased together to symbolize out union, but since we’ve buckled down on a date & preparations it makes sense to use rings as a symbol that everyone will understand without an explanation.

Pixel Jewelry 1985 – Marquise Cut Purple Amethyst Wedding Ring Black Gold Filled ($21.99)
Pixel Jewelry 1985 – Black Sapphire CZ Mens Wedding Ring 10KT Black Gold Filled ($21.98)

We haven’t ordered any of the following items yet, but the gift bags are pretty much in the bag (LOL) while the cake toppers are still being considered. As far as the cake toppers go (I’m sure you can tell that all but one come from the same shop, given the water mark), we are leaning heavily for the one with the zombie dude offering a brain to the female zombie, it’s my man’s fave from the  current selection list (okay, so I might care, a little, about what he thinks).

Favor Bags n Cake Toppers1) 50 pcs Gift Bag Pouches Spider Web Transparent Black & Gold Drawstring ($9.95)
2) Frankenstein and Bride Wedding Cake Topper Made for Eachother ($15)
3) Zombie Heart Hands Wedding Cake Topper ($15)
4) Zombie Take My Brain Wedding Cake Topper ($16.50)
5) Love Never Dies Wedding Couple Figurine ($19.53)

Do you have any thoughts on a Halloween wedding in style? I’m interested in suggestions & constructive criticism. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: Halloween Wedding Thoughts

  1. Good luck on all your wedding plans. What an exciting time! I love the dragon!

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