Fantastical Friday: More Character Accessories

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

Not only do I enjoy a good LARP but I also absolutely love accessorizing my characters. Fleshing out a character with the right pieces can enhance the play experience a lot, through mood setting if nothing else. Of course you can always add some back story to the more impressive treasures, like family a heirloom or an emotional connection to some past tragedy, which could even relate to what motivates the character to action. Sometimes it’s just nice to let loose & enjoy what I think of as an interactive fantasy or sci/fi novel. 😉 Naturally I found a few cool selections at Shop which you can check out below. 😀

Character Accessories1) Pirate Gold Earrings ($3.99)
2) Dragon Tooth Necklace ($4.99)
3) Native Warrior Arrowhead Necklace ($5.99)
4) Dragon Armband ($7.99)
5) Watch Gear Ring ($8.99)
6) Gold Snake Armband ($9.99)
7) 19” Gold Snake Necklace ($9.99)
8) Gold Head Chain ($14.99)
9) Adult Galvanized Iron Chainmail Hood ($44.99) [Sale]
Find exclusive costumes at

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