Magnificent Monday: Shawnee Smith

Magnificent Monday

Shawnee might be more known for her role in the Saw series, but she came to my attention at an early age with Iron Eagle. Probably not many of you will remember that relatively ridiculous ’80s movie, but it was awesome viewed through my child eyes. I also remember her fondly in The Blob remake of the later ’80s. Can’t help but mention that I loved her quirky character on Becker in the ’90s too. 😀

Shawnee Smith(pics found through google image search)

She has a mostly simple & elegant jewelry style, with a few hints of earthy here & there. So following those general themes I found a few sweet items at Billy the Tree. I’m quite fond of all of these pieces & maybe you will be too. ❤

Smith Inspired1) Silver Rhodium Plated Shiny Diamond Cut 2.0x10mm (0.08″x0.39″) Weaved Hoop Type Earrings ($13.95)
2) Gold Tone 3/4 Hoop Fashion Earrings with Blue Acrylic and Crystal ($13.95)
3) Elegant Fashion Earrings with Blue Glass and Crystal ($15.95)
4) 18″ 14 Karat Gold Plated Bar Necklace with CZ 925 Sterling Silver ($22.95)
5) Pave CZ Triangle Necklace 925 Sterling Silver ($22.95)
6) 18″ Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver 1.2mm (0.05″) Cable Chain w/ Lobster Clasp & 7.75 White Pearl Fancy Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Pendant ($25.95)
7) 16″ + 2″ Rhodium Plated Knot Necklace 925 Sterling Silver ($25.95)
8) T.R.U. by 1928 Jewelry – Burnished Brass-Tone Vintage Deco Necklace 18″ ($25.95)
9) Rhodium Plated Faceted Red Glass Necklace 925 Sterling Silver ($25.95)
BillyTheTree Jewelry - Unique Name, Unique Jewelry.

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One thought on “Magnificent Monday: Shawnee Smith

  1. I have seen her pictures around but never knew who she was. She looks shy but elegant.

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