Fantastical Friday: Goth Jewelry Picks

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

It has been a while since I indulged my goth side, so I thought it would be nice to revisit. I know I have mentioned before that as a girl I was technically “goth” but the classification came into being later. A friend of mine used to tell me I was goth before it was cool, LOL. I have to admit though, being a teenager is hard, I would not want revisit that age & am so relieved to be away from that time in my life. I think the difficulties mostly arise from the fact that it’s easier to identify what a teen is not than what the teen is, for instance you are not a child, but you are also not an adult. In that turbulent time of hormonal fluctuation & powerful emotions, that frequently contradict each other, it’s just easier to identify with the “darker” side of things. For me I have to say that it was an effective coping mechanism & of course some of the styles that I thought were cool back in the day still strike my fancy. Maybe I should just show you some of the things I found an Amazon rather than babble on mostly incoherently, LOL.

Goth Jewelry1) 1Pcs Fashion Retro Multi-layer Chains Pendant Black Cross Metal Long Necklace ($3.49)
2) Susenstone®Women Lace Beads Choker Style Gothic Collar Necklace ($3.51)
3) Susenstone®Handmade Gothic Retro Vintage Women Lace Collar Choker Necklace ($3.68)
4) Susenstone®Handmade Gothic Retro Vintage Women Lace Collar, Choker Necklace ($3.92)
5) JOVIVI® Silver Tone Bones Bracelets, Gothic Punk Cuff Statement Bangle Fashion Jewelry ($3.99)
6) Fashion Plaza Triple Skulls and Crossbones Design Ring R311 ($3.99)
7) Susenstone®Women Jewelry Gothic Fresh Sweet Lace Pearl Anklet ($4.22)
8) TEMEGO Jewelry Womens Alloy Genuine Leather Surfer Wrap Bracelet ($4.98)
9) GDSHOP Gothic Victorian Burlesque Black Lace Pendant Collar Choker Ladies Necklace ($6)

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