Magnificent Monday: Missy Elliott

Magnificent Monday

She’s been in the public eye since the early ’90s, for the most part. Missy Elliott has won many grammy awards since embarking on her solo career. Grave’s disease took her from the spotlight, but she has indicated a readiness to resume working. I personally believe this glamorous icon has been sorely missed. Not all weight loss is planned, or good for you.

Missy Elliott

Her style choices, at least in the past, have been of bold flamboyance. Naturally, I’ve made some selections from Jolly Chic that are sure to make a statement whenever they are showcased. Sometimes you just have to go big. πŸ˜‰

Elliott Inspired1) Leisure Solid Double-layer Bracelet For Women ($2.99)
2) 7 Piece Set Polished Hot Sale Fashion Rings For Women ($2.99)
3) Punk Style Exaggerate Round Circle Earrings ($2.99)
4) Fashion Stylish Tassels Women Chains Bracelet ($3.99)
5) One Piece Gold Plated Rhinestone Womens Ear Clip ($3.99)
6) Stylish Chain Lip Pendant Imitation Pearl Bracelet ($3.99)
7) Rhinestones Ear Cuff Stud Earring Pack ($3.99)
8) Retro Exaggerated Multi Layer Bracelets ($4.99)
9) Fashion Gold Plated Simple Womens Bracelet ($8.99)
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