Fantastical Friday: Gamer Stuff

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I do love my games. 😀 I know I’ve done other posts on this topic, but it’s always fun to revisit gaming. While I have included some shirts & jewelry as with other posts, this time I have gone a little further going into controllers. A few of the controllers are actual controllers, but most are skins meant to personalize your existing game gear. I know I didn’t select a lot of colors, but pink is a traditionally girly color & purple just so happens to be my fave, so I limited my selection to those given the infinite possibilities of color personalization. Branching out a bit the shirts are less about retro gaming (as I focused more on that in previous posts) & more centered on a modern perspective. I hope you all have fun with this post & your own gaming experiences! 😉 All of these items were found on

Colorful Controller1) 3CLeader® Case Cover Shell Skin for PS4 DualShock 4 Controller with Buttons Chrome Plating Color Purple ($16.99)
2) Goliton® Silicone rubber soft case Gel skin cover for Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Controller ($5.95)
3) iShoppingdeals – for Nintendo Wii Remote and Nunchuck Controller Soft Rubber Case Cover Skin ($2.99)
4) Tasnme Built-in Motion Plus Remote+Nunchuck Controller+Case+wrist Strap for Wii ($21.99)
5) DuaFire Wired USB Game Pad Controller For Xbox 360 and PC ($16.29)
6) abcGoodefg® Purple Chrome Full Housing Shell Case Cover for Xbox 360 Wireless Controller ($14.99)

Gamer Shirts1) Eight Bit Three Lives Gamer Forest Adult T-Shirt ($17.95)
2) Hunting Dragons: Relationship Status Womens T-shirt ($20.99)
3) Gamer Girl Natural 20 Black Juniors V-Neck T-Shirt ($21.95)
4) Minecraft Sprites Women’s Short Sleeve Purple Tee Shirt ($21.99)
5) Women’s Fallout 4 Vault 111 Nuka Bombs T-shirt ($22.28)
6) Infinity Women’s I Love Gaming T-Shirt ($25.99)

Gamer Accessories1) Inspired Silver Gamer Girl Circle Charm Necklace Clear Crystal Rhinestones ($12.99)
2) Inspired Silver Gamer Girl Circle Charm Bracelet Silver Plated with Crystal Rhinestones ($12.99)
3) Minecraft Diamond Pendant Necklace ($11.64)
4) Minecraft Diamond Earrings ($13.99)
5) Rikki KnightTM Retro Games Machine Controller Design Keys Coins Cards Cosmetic Mini Clutch Wristlet ($13.99)

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  1. I never thought I’d say this but cool purse! LoL! 🙂

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