Fantastical Friday: A Nerdy Gift List

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

Okay, the title might be a little misleading, the selections in this post are meant for, mostly, females. The necklaces would work for anyone, but the rest would be best for someone who identifies with the female gender. I’ve done a lot of shopping around & found numerous items for the nerdy or gamer girl. Some of them were total blasts from the past for me, like the Ninja Turtles shirt, it looks like the turtles from the ’80s! I picked the turtle shirt in red because my fave has always been Raph. 😀 the Mario shirt was also a sweet find for me, as that particular game was initially released a short time after my 8th birthday. I hope you are all having a positively wonderful holiday season! 😀

Nerdy Jewelry Gifts 1) Star Wars Jewelry Rebel Alliance Stainless Steel Dangle Hook Drop Earrings ($16.76) 2) Surgical Steel Dangle Earrings Sitting Dragon Silver Tone ($19.74) 3) New Foreign trade predator helmet Star Wars titanium steel necklace personalized titanium steel pendant ($21.80) 4) Leviathan Dragon Earring Ear Cuff Metal Wrap Silver Tone Fantasy Flying Snake ($24.90) 5) Nikola Tesla Necklace Silver Tone Antique Daguerreotype Portrait Print Pendant ($24.90) 6) DaisyJewel I Want to Believe Retro Alien Pendant Necklace ($24.99) 7) Medium Pi – Teach Inspire Guide Affirmation Necklace ($27.99) 8) DNA Double Helix Necklace Antique Silver Tone Genetic Molecule Structure Pendant ($29.90) 9) Antiqued Mystery Block Necklace ($35)

Nerdy Shirt Gifts
1) Girlie T-Shirt Talk NErDy to me ($18.99) 2) Women’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 100% Cotton T-Shirt ($23.69) 3) C-DIY Women’s T-shirts Cute Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 ($25.55) 4) Densiy Women’s Tee Gamers Girl Nice T Shirts ($26.99) 5) Women Funny Quotes 100% Cotton Superman Vs Batman Returns Statue Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($28.99) 6) Girlfriends Cute Unique Batman V Superman Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($28.99) 7) Woman Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Custom Long-Sleeve T-Shirt ($29.74) 8) Emoji Book Worm Nerd Style Burnout Hoodies Book Lover I Love Books Sweatshirt ($38.46) 9) StaBe Women’s Super Mario Bros 3 Long Sleeve Hoodies Sweatshirt ($41.99)

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