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I thought it might be about time to share a few of my favorite blogs with my readers. It also helps to break some of the monotony of my usual style of posts. While I follow quite a number of blogs I have narrowed my list down to 7 for the purposes of this post, so I shouldn’t be too long winded, lol. This listing is in no particular order. 😉

While she is among the youngest of the bloggers I follow, I really enjoy reading the posts of Sonya who manages Desire4Beauty. She is a vlogger also & sometimes links her videos back to her blog. She blogs about all kinds of things, whatever strikes her fancy.

I am very fond of Grace from Color and Grace. She’s a fashion blogger with a wonderful sense of style. I’m always pinning images from her posts, lol. She has a weekly linkup on Wednesdays if you’re interested in checking that out. 😉

Tessa from Advocate for Mental Illness! is another great blogger. She writes stories, posts story challenges for other writes & does exactly what the title suggests, helps to promote knowledge & understanding for a variety of illnesses (the story bit has changed a bit since I initially wrote this, but she does have a second blog for them). I think you will find that she’s overall an amazing person, who shares her daily struggles with her readers.

Then there is dray0308 (don’t have another name for him) with Dream Big, Dream Often. His posts are motivational & generally helpful on a wide variety of self-improvement topics. Aspire to higher things & take action toward your goals with this wonderful blog. 😀

Tracey Dean has a grand blog, by the same name, where she covers a many different topics. From photography to beauty & what’s in my bag type posts, she’s a great one to follow if you have wide interests.

Dawn Hill from Dawn Hill Designs is a jewelry designer. Many of her posts are about the care, maintenance & properties of her pieces. She doesn’t exclusively write about jewelry & gemstones, you’ll find some other interesting posts too, like her confessions series.

Lady Nancy with Retro-electric has a unique sense of style. She has something of a polished/whimsical/punk/goth (hard to pull off I know, but she does it & it’s amazing) look that’s very striking & ultimately lovely. If you’re into fashion that’s a little bit different she’s a great one to follow. 😉

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4 thoughts on “A Few Fave Bloggers

  1. I appreciate your mentioning my blog. Thank you very much!

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  2. Reblogged this on Advocate for Mental Illness! and commented:
    I am mentioned along with some other great blogs. Check us out and Orbb’s fashions. I love them, I just can’t wear them. But if I weighed 100 lbs less I would love them.

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  3. Thanks for recommendations. I am always grateful for them.

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