Fantastical Friday: Recent Rereading

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This post is a bit of a departure from my usual thing. I wanted to talk about some of my favorite books & thought it might be best to start at the beginning of my tale. When I was 13 or 14, I was already an avid D&D (Dungeons & Dragons, though really I mean Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) player & reader, but it never occurred to me that TSR might have released novels or even series set in their many worlds. A friend of mine (later my man, who I plan to handfast this Halloween) who was also frequently my DM (Dungeon Master), handed me a book called The Halfling’s Gem & told me it was a great read. Two days of my life vanished, I did nothing but read this book (yes, I am not the fastest reader, but my retention is high), without regret. When I saw my DM again I demanded to know where the other 2 books were, having discovered that it was, in fact, the last book of the Icewind Dale Trilogy. He crushed my soul when he said he did not have them… He lent me The Clerical Quintet, which is by the same author, set in the same campaign setting, but totally different characters, to temporarily satisfy my need for the story to continue. Soon I was at the bookstore to pick up the other 2 & discovered that there was a prequel series, The Dark Elf Trilogy! Naturally, I had to go back with more money to pick up the prequel, when I discovered that there were yet more books later in the series. Over the course of around 20 years I now have a respectable collection, including duplicates & collectors editions, but I still do not own all of this series. It is also interesting to note that the characters from The Clerical Quintet do eventually encounter the other characters much later in the Drizzt Do’Urden Saga. I was never much of a rereader when I was younger, my retention was just too high to read a book I had already read, though I am a frequent referencer, thumbing back over the pages near constantly. Well, over the past few months (I get so much less time to read these days, averaging more around 5 – 6 chapters a week), I have gone back to this beloved series starting with Homeland (the 1st book of the Dark Elf Trilogy) & working my way onward, I’m currently a little over halfway through The Halfling’s Gem, LOL. I thought it might be nice to share a bit of my enthusiasm for this epic series, especially now that I hear rumors that Wizards of the Coast (they bought out TSR when it was threatening to go belly up) is planning a new excursion into film & many of my nerdy chums are praying they will do part of this saga. I have to throw in there that I hope they choose a book that has ❤ Jarlaxle ❤ in it, because he’s just awesome & absolutely my favorite character ever in the history of characters. There is one book I have resigned myself to never getting to read, Shores of Dusk, which was written by another author & the only ad I have ever seen for was in Passage to Dawn which should be the very next book, so a 6 year gap in the story that will never be filled (sigh). I have found 6 links that cover the first 10 books for you from & I had thought to maybe include the swords I bumped into that called themselves Icingdeath & Twinkle, but they were not even scimitars to my bitter disappointment, so instead I have included a couple of unicorn pendants & if you know Drizzt Do’Urden then you will totally get the reference. 😉 Maybe one day WotC will throw their hand into costuming, one can only hope.

Okay, so when I am super excited about something, I babble & lose all sense of paragraph formation, but hopefully you will forgive me. 😀 Even my net/gamer name, Orbb, comes from this series. 😀

Recent Rereading 1) The Legend of Drizzt Boxed Set, Books I-III ($19.35)
2) The Icewind Dale Trilogy: The Crystal Shard / Streams Of Silver / The Halfling’s Gem ($14.01)
3) The Legacy: Legend of Drizzt, Book VII ($7.99)
4) Starless Night: The Legend of Drizzt, Book VIII ($7.99)
5) Siege of Darkness: The Legend of Drizzt, Book 9 ($7.65)
6) Passage to Dawn [The Legend of Drizzt, Book X] ($7.99)

Unicorns 1) Plantaganet Unicorn Pendant Necklace ($23.95)
2) Clear Gold Trim Unicorn Head Necklace ($25.16)

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