Magnificent Monday: Cher

Magnificent Monday

This week I thought I would give homage to the icon known simply as Cher. When I wandered around the internet looking through tons of pictures of her I was profoundly struck by near lack of aging. I mean, come on, she looks a touch more wizened in her 2014 photos than she did in the freaking 80s when I was a baby. How the F does she do that?!?!?!


She is truly stunning & has long been a figure of interest to many fashionable women. I have to ask, is there anything this woman can’t do? She’s a musician, actress, she’s done comedy, Broadway & directing. The list of her awards & diverse accolades is absolutely mind-boggling! Of course she’s also know for her philanthropic contributions & political activism. I can hardly figure out what to say next, she is definitely among the all time greatest women who has ever graced the world with her presence.

You were no doubt expecting I made some selections inspired by the Goddess of Pop. I will have to mention this though, she has changed styles many times during her decades long career, thus there is no end to the fashionable choices that can be inspired from her. All of my current picks are from Side note: number 5 says that it’s a necklace & earring combination, I have not actually ordered that particular selection & was unable to find a single picture that showed earrings & it is currently unrated. The product description does mention, “1 inch rectangle matching earings – 1.75 inch drop with earwires.”

Cher Inspired 1) Signature 1928 “1928 Midnight Gold” Mixed Jet Gold Tone Tassle Knotted Chain Necklace, 16″ ($14.59)
2) Fashion Large Oval Turquoise Adjustable Ring Diameter 17.98mm ($20.84)
3) Jane Stone Fashion White Crystal Pendant Vintage Statement Long Necklace ($20.80)
4) Hush Cher Acrylic Bead Tassle Leaf Statement Fashion Necklace Set ($21)
5) Stardust Nights Silvery Glitter Rectangles 44 Inch Necklace & Earring Set ($23.49)
6) RW Collections Sade Multi-strand Statement Fashion Necklace and Earring Set ($24.99)
7) Sannysis HMetal Chain Jewelry Headband Head Hair Band Tassels Pearl ($2.69)
8) Sannysis Elegant Metal Rhinestone Head Chain Jewelry Headband Head Piece Hairbands ($3.28)
9) Silver plated fashionable Chain link with Clear Crystals Head Chain ($14.99)

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