Amazing Designer!

Recently I met a truly incredible jewelry designer on Google+. Her designs take my breath away & I will certainly be making a purchase as soon as I can! Her name is Alin Yerushalmi & she’s from Israel, you can find her shop on etsy, follow the link here. I put together 9 selections to help illustrate some of the majestic treasures she makes. Β All of these spectacular lovelies are hand made too. Another wonderful thing, Alin has given me a coupon code to distribute to you my lovely readers CORIN15 (it must be in capital letters) it will give you %15 off your order. I’m so excited to bring you this deal! The items are made with gold, silver, pearls & Swarovski crystals, the metal varies based on the selection, so do the colors of the beautiful crystals. The pearls are marvelous too. πŸ˜€

Alin Yerushalmi 1) Dangle pearl earring ($25)
2) Bridesmaid dangle earrings ($33)
3) Blue wedding earrings ($39)
4) Blue bridal jewelry ($39)
5) Purple wedding jewelry ($44)
6) Purple bracelet ($54)
7) Delicate Flower Hair Band – 24K gold ($63)
8) Gold bridal bracelet – 24K gold ($68)
9) Statement necklace green ($93)

This post contains no affiliate links, should you choose to follow them to do your shopping I will not earn a commission on anything you purchase, the items shown are simply awesome. If you like this post you can subscribe by email, RSS, or Bloglovin’ with the appropriate buttons on this page. You could do me a huge favor & share this too. πŸ˜‰ You can also give a like to my Facebook page & add Orbb’s Fashion to your GooglePlus circles. Follow me on Twitter @Orbb80 & Pinterest. πŸ˜‰ As always I wish you, my wonderful readers, happy shopping! – Orbb ❀


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