Health Inspired Selections

Magnets have been believed to have healing properties since ancient times. Various gemstones are also used in therapies for different types of ailments, not really going into all that today though lol. So I thought I would do a post to showcase some of the more beautiful options available for promoting wellness & treating issues. I know that yesterday I posted selections from Billy the Tree, but they have numerous items that suit this topic so I thought I would revisit because, well, I can do that if I want, LOL.

Some of the more ancient uses for magnets are to draw out poison, to turn back the clock & promote youth, to control bleeding, improve gout, treat spasms & even to improve vision. In modern times such items are often used adjunct to other therapeutic treatments for arthritic conditions. When magnets are worn for medical reasons they are often placed near the joint or joints that are causing the most issue. It is also true that the magnetic field we generate about ourselves can easily be modified with the presence of magnets or electrical fields, changing your personal magnetic field can have profound effects on your general wellness. Without further delay I will show you some of the lovely items I found. 😉

Magnetic Earrings 1) Simulated Turquoise Semi-Precious Magnetic Therapy Earrings ($12.95)
2) Simulated Mother of Pearl Magnetic Therapy Earrings ($12.95)
3) Solid Hematite – Magnetic Therapy Earrings ($12.95)

Magnetic Necklaces

1) Golden Dream – Gold Plated Magnetic Therapy Necklace ($22.95)
2) Silver Chains – Silver Plated Magnetic Therapy Necklace ($22.95)
3) Hematite Classic – Magnetic Therapy Necklace ($24.95)

Magnetic Bracelets 1) Waves – Solid Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet ($12.95)
2) Simulated Amethyst – Magnetic Therapy Bracelet ($15.95)
3) Simulated Lapis Small Wrap Around – Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet ($17.95)

Magnetic Rings

1) Stripes – Magnetic Therapy Ring ($11.95)
2) XOXO – Magnetic Therapy Ring ($11.95)
3) Two Hearts – Magnetic Therapy Ring ($11.95)

Magnetic Anklets 1) Hematite Twist – Magnetic Therapy Anklet ($18.95)
2) Globes of Gold – Magnetic Therapy Anklet ($19.98)
3) Simulated Turquoise Hematite – Magnetic Therapy Anklet ($19.98)

Magnetic Toe Rings 1) Mesh – Magnetic Therapy Toe Ring ($11.95)
2) Simplicity – Magnetic Therapy Toe Ring ($11.95)
3) Braids of Silver – Silver Plated Magnetic Therapy Toe Ring ($11.95)

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