Backyard Get Together

Backyards are a great place to gather in the summer. My mother’s place has a fire pit where we enjoy a good bonfire every so often. Whenever you have an outdoor event pest control can be a big deal, we’ve had a rather wet season which leads to vast clouds of mosquitoes. These little horrors can totally destroy outdoor gatherings if you don’t take a few steps to halt the issue before it becomes a rather serious problem. If you are planning to have any bonfires this season it’s very important to adhere to basic fire safety & make sure any little ones stay far enough away from the fire. When I was a very small child I burned the heel of a foot wandering around a fire stepping on sparks.

I’ve put together some selections from Tb DressΒ that should not only be stylish for such occasions but comfortable as well. I hope you’re having a jovial season! πŸ˜‰

Backyard Get Together Asymmetric Hem Short Sleeve Chiffon Women’s Blouse ($12.59)
Candy Color High Waist Cotton Women’s Leggings ($6.39)
Peep Toe Wedges Suede Women’s Sandals ($12.79)
Flowers Applique Wide Brim Women’s Straw Hat ($5.29)
Red&Pink Heart-Shaped Alloy Diamond Earring ($3.99)
Pearl Flower Shape Crystal Necklace ($5.29)
Golden Flowers Women’s Bracelet and Ring ($3.99)
Style Flowers Queen Ring ($1.99)

Best Accessories @ TBdress

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3 thoughts on “Backyard Get Together

  1. Love the bracelet and ring! I totally agree with you: backyards are a true blessing in summer. Bonfires are so charming except for the little horrors….

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