Flirty Night Out

While you might be finding some distraction from the heat by having a nice night out I will attempt to amuse you with a story of one of my date nights gone horribly wrong. When I turned 18 my man wanted to know what he could get for me, I told him I had never had Japanese food & would really like to try sushi. He found a nice restaurant that claimed to be a Japanese delicatessen, so I got all dolled up & off we went. Turns out there was absolutely nothing traditional on the menu with the exception of sake which I was not only underage for but had no interest in. The restaurant also turned out to be one of those where they prepare the food at the table, but our chef had no skills at entertaining & didn’t even try. With all of that they also forced us to share a table with a couple of other groups, which included an obnoxious drunk woman who was sitting right beside me & continued downing the sake while trying to engage me in her lilting conversation (she really had no concept of personal space either). The whole experience was awful, I have never been back there & would never recommend it to anyone. On a side note, once we were seated I suddenly realized I had been to that farce of a restaurant once when I was much younger with my then bff. The staff had insulted me as a child when I told them I wanted chop sticks & when they couldn’t talk me out of it they brought me a set they had rigged with a rubber band & a sugar packet (because we all know occidental preteens are incapable of using chop sticks). Too bad I no longer recall the name of the place or I would totally bad mouth them for real.

On a sunnier note, I found some cute selections from Pink Basis that will render any date night memorable, hopefully in a good way. 😉 For the most part I went with my all time favorite color; purple ❤

Flirty Night Out Purple Sleeveless Bodycon Party Dress ($34.99)
Purple Satin Pinstripe Maryjane Heels ($69.99)
Purple Bold Color Cut Out Floral Cut Summer Hair Clip ($8.99)
Black Butterfly Gem Stone Decor Wide Cute Elastic-Band Belt ($14.99)
Black Faux Leather Round Studded Accent Envelope Purse ($19.99)
Gold High Polish Round Detailed Gypsy Earrings ($8.99)
Gold Black Beaded High Polish Metal Choker Necklace ($8.99)
Gold Thin Cut Out Design High Polish Cuff Bracelet ($8.99)
Gold Black Assorted Diamond Gemstone Assorted 3 Piece Ring ($8.99)
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