Magnificent Monday: Melissa Etheridge

Magnificent Monday

I was first exposed to this amazing singer in my childhood when my mother began playing her first, self titled, album. That album came out in 1988 & is still my favorite despite her more commercially successful later works. ❤ Throughout my teen years I frequently turned to her soulful vocals to sooth my fractured spirit (if you don’t know or don’t remember, being a teen is hard, like really, really hard).

Melissa Etheridge

She publicly came out in 1993 & has since become a gay rights activist. Of course we’re all aware that there was a recent major win in that arena in America as the supreme court ruled same sex marriage to be legal in all 50 states. Another score for, in general, human rights that should have always existed. I’d like to share one of my favorite songs from her first album Chrome Plated Heart, while I find the original studio version to be more haunting, this version has more energy:

Inspired by her style I have made some selections from I have noticed how she likes to layer her tops, so I have included a few that are suitable for the outer layer. 😉 Was a little surprised that the necklace selections all seem to be from the same company, lol.

Etheridge Inspired 1) SUNNOW Women’s Bohemian Retro Beaded Turquoise Feather Tassel Alloy Short Chain Pendant Necklace ($3.99)
2) SUNNOW® Women’s Bohemian Fashion Beads Turquoise Sequins Bar Pendant Multilayer Necklace ($4.12)
3) SUNNOW Vogue Retro Natural Turquoise Eye Copper Beads Pendant Multilayer Short Necklace ($4.12)
4) SUNNOW® Women’s Girls Multilayer Tassel Turquoise Beaded Metal Heat Shape Long Necklace ($4.12)
5) SUNNOW Simple Vogue Sweet Sequined Beaded Pendant Multilayer Gilded Short Necklace ($4.20)
6) SUNNOW® Women’s Vintage Multilayer Bohemian Beads Alloy Arrow Pendant Long Necklace ($5.49)
7) Harvard Square Women’s Five-Star Performance Twill ($9.99)
8) Harvard Square Women’s Long-Sleeve Oxford ($9.99)
9) CANDOIT Women’s Summer Fashion Street Style Long Sleeve Denim Jacket ($12.99)

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