July Fourth

With the holiday coming up on weekend, it just seemed like a practical thing to continue writing about, lol. Once when I was a little girl we went to my uncle’s place for the celebration. Back then I was always my older brother’s lackey, so it was only natural that at some point he decided we were going to build a fort & I that had to go collect some small logs he had seen further out on the property. I didn’t really want to gather the logs, but he was always good at pushing my buttons so that I would end up doing whatever he told me to. I went out to gather the smalls logs that had obviously been there for quite a while & when I lifted the first of the group I was suddenly eye to eye with a snake! Mind you, I was a little girl, so naturally I made a surprised noise & dropped the log on its head. Then I ran into the house where I whispered about the experience to my Grammy, who i swore to secrecy about the incident. Of course, family do not really keep secrets very well, so as soon as I left the room she promptly shared my story & her mirth about it with everyone. After a bit my uncle came to find me, said he went & looked in the logs & found no snake. I gave him very specific directions & still he claimed to have checked there. Mom & my uncle then had me “show” them where I found the snake. When I moved the log, sure enough, that snake was still there, but it wasn’t to keen on sticking its head up to get clobbered by the log again, it was frantically trying to slither away. The poor thing was a bit trapped though, in it’s panic it was being stopped by the rut the log had worked itself into over the years. Mom declared it a garden snake, she didn’t want us to be afraid of snakes, so she carefully picked it up. We all got to touch the snake before we released in the tall grass at the edge of the property. You never know what may happen during a get together, especially when children are present, but you might just get to learn something new. 😉

Anyway, I have made some selections from Target for a casual July 4th celebration. It’s definitely a style I would feel comfortable wearing & are totally on my summer shopping list. 😉

July Fourth

American Tank Top – Self Esteem ($12.99)
Denim Legging – Mossimo Supply Co. ($22.99)
Women’s Mercer Lexi Wedge Platform Sandals ($19.98)
Women’s Floppy Brim Hat with Cheetah Print Sash ($14.99)
Women’s Cateye Sunglasses ($16.99)
Printed Kimono – Mossimo Supply Co. ($24.99)
Women’s Gallery Four Prong Stud Earrings ($7.99)
Women’s Fashion 3 Strand Necklace with Glass Rondelle Simulated Pearls ($16.99)
Women’s Cuff Bracelet Flag ($14.99)
Women’s Zirconite Fashion Knuckle Ring Set with Crystal Multiple Design ($14.99)

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