Fantastical Friday: A Rogue

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

I like to play shady characters when I role play, I do play other classes but the vast majority fall under the category of rogue. The particular rogue I have put together today is of the thief variety & even more specifically a cat burglar/dungeon crawler. Skills with locks & traps come in very handy when adventuring, especially when you have a party to distract the monsters while you take the stuff, LOL. While it is quite warm in my area for some of the items in the ensemble, they are mostly there for blending into shadows when the need arises. Of course, it is difficult to adventure without a proper pack, it also comes in handy stashing your loot, LOL. I didn’t make quite as many jewelry selections as I usually do with my ensemble posts, but I was especially taken with the necklace as it struck me as the type of thing that a person who knows little else than greed would be attracted to. 😉 All of the items in this post come from Wow, after spending all day working on this post, I just noticed that I forgot to get a dagger, LOL. If you LARP frequently this won’t be a problem, as you probably already have plenty of prop weapons & if you don’t it should be easy enough to find something with a good rating on


Q.Passion Women’s Classic Faux Leather Bustier Corset ($29.90)
PINKISS Women’s High Waist Artificial Leather Legging ($10.99)
Karen Scott Shelly Womens Fashion Ankle Boots ($24.99)
FINEJO New Women Fashion Batwing Cape Poncho Cloak ($20.99)
OKmilitary Dragon Tactical Heavyweight Balaclava Outdoor Sports Mask ($4.29)
Women Long Arm Sleeve Fingerless Gloves ($4.06)
Port & Company luggage-and-bags Improved Honeycomb Sling Pack ($7.60)
eFuture(TM) Vitage Crystal Sapphire Paved Gold Plated The God of Moon Pendant Necklace ($3.69)
Yazilind Vintage Oval Round Cut Purple Amethyst Silver Plated Ring ($4.19)

This time I decided that a thief needed a bit of loot for the pack, lol. So I collected a few miscellaneous items for that purpose. Here are a few baubles 😉

Rogue Extras
1) 75 PCS TUMBLED SEMI-PRECIOUS GEMSTONES – Brazilian Natural and Dyed Mix – SMALL SIZE 3/4”-1″ – From the Polones e Brilho Tumbling Factory ($12.75)
2) Set of 7 Assorted Size Silvertone Finger Rings ($6.95)
3) Set of 11 Assorted Goldtone Finger Rings Sizes ($6.95)

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