More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

As Father’s Day draws ever nearer, along with the first day of summer, I find myself still considering the question of gifts a dad would enjoy. A friend of mine told me that I was far too focused of the superhero items, not that my last post on this topic included any, but I have again kept away from that sort of thing. Just because my father enjoys comics doesn’t mean that the same is true for the fathers of my readers. So I have put together another collection from Walmart, which has a great selection of affordable & tasteful guy jewelry. 😉 If you follow my links to do some shopping I will earn a small commission if you purchase something.

More Dad Ideas

1) BMC 2 pc Mens Silver Colored Metal Lion Chain Fashion Rings ($5.98)
2) BMC 2 pc Mens Silver Colored Metal Chief Feather Fashion Rings ($5.98)
3) Steel Art Stainless Steel Eagle Head Pendant ($7)
4) Gravity Metal Knight Shield Pendant Necklace ($8.79)
5) BMC 4 Pair Round Square Rectangular Mixed Color Carbon Fiber Pattern Cufflinks ($8.98)
6) Ed Speldy East NBL211 Leather Bracelet – Black Scorpion with Red Back ($9.42)
7) Ed Speldy East PSB1106 Real Bug Necklace-Stag beetle ($9.72)
8) Men’s Oval Shaped Blue Star Silvertone Classic Ring ($11.69)
9) Steel Art Stainless Steel Fire Dragon Wing Pendant ($12) USA, LLC


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